Rockman / Megaman belongs to Capcom. This song parody was created for the Tri-Monthly Contest at Rockman.exe Online. Please do not post this fiction anywhere without the author's permission.


Title: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - X style.

Based On: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

By: Goldenmane


'Twas late in the night at the grand Hunter Base,
Not a robot was stirring, no Reploid made haste.

The Hunters all rested in their capsules with care,
Knowing unfortunately that soon war would be there.

The humans had long since gone underground,
Leaving the world's fate to the Reploids unbound.

And Zero with his sabre and I with my Buster,
Had just settled down to regain our lost muster.

When suddenly the alarms did to make such a clatter,
I leapt from my capsule to check on the matter.

Away to the view screen, I kicked in my dash,
Switched on the video and adjusted the flash.

The moon shone down on the city below,
Casting a shine on the Reploids in rows.

When what did appear to my wondering optics,
But an arch nemesis of old and eight new Mavericks.

A villain so vile he made everyone pale,
Yet I knew in a moment Sigma would fail.

He called on his forces, his reserves, and they came,
And he shouted and yelled and called them by name.

Now Stonekong, now Debunion, now Hynard and Wafly,
Go Airquick, go Gungaroon, go Karasting and Hellride.

Bring me X and Zero, so the Hunters will fall,
Let no one stop you, go and crush them all.

The Mavericks held back as their forces did charge,
It was up to a handful to stop this barrage.

So to the world outside the Hunters they flew,
And a mighty earthshaking battle did thus ensue.

And then in a moment I noticed their plot,
We had all been taken like a stupid little bot.

The battles with Red Alert had been just a ploy,
Sigma was using them as nothing more than a toy.

Something he could use for revenge long dreamed,
And Axl, too, was a pawn, so it seemed.

The young Reploid, though plot he was part,
Fought the Mavericks with all of his heart.

But a great Hunter he would never be,
His methods were wrong, of that he couldn't see.

Yet one by one the Mavericks did fall,
As the last one perished we heard a great call.

Red had challenged us, a duel to the death,
We fought and we fought to the very last breath.

Soon, very soon, Red befell the very same fate,
Axl was worried, though his mentor was bait.

Sigma then called us to fight the last battle,
I was sick and tired of his usual long prattle.

He set the demands and desired all control,
Our DNA he wanted, to own our very soul.

We met his challenge and fought this last test,
Finding a strength that no one could best.

Zero slashed with his sabre, doing damage untold,
I fired with my Buster as the drama did unfold.

But it was Axl who defeated Sigma with a soft-spoken rage,
Sigma was going down, I knew, like an animal in a cage.

Though as he flew out the window, damaged and sore,
"I will return", he did exclaim, "to finally settle the score!"