*LET’S ROCK * By Leeveey (leeveey@hotmail.com)


Leeveey – Leeveey*

Leviathan – Leviathan

Meiru – Meiru

Netto – Netto

Omega – Omega X

Phantom – Phantom

Red – Red

RM – Rockman

RME – Rockman.EXE

Roll – Roll

Roll (L) – Roll Casket

Roll.EXE – Roll.EXE

Trigger – Rockman Trigger

Tron – Tron Bonne

Sigma – Sigma

X – Rockman X

Yae – Yae.EXE*

Yaito – Yaito

Zero (X) – Zero of MMX

Zero (Z) – Zero of MMZ

Alia – Alia

Axl – Axl

Blues – Blues

Blues.EXE – Blues.EXE

Ciel – Ciel

Colonel – Colonel

Dekao – Dekao

Dr. Light – Dr. Light

Dr. Wily – Dr. Wily

Dynamo – Dynamo

Enzan – Enzan

Fefnir – Fefnir

Forte – Forte

Forte.EXE – Forte.EXE

Glyde – Glyde.EXE

Gutsman – Gutsman.EXE

Harpuia – Harpuia

Iris – Iris

L. Wily – Lord Wily

        It is a normal December night. You can see Christmas ornaments everywhere. But, down in a big Christmas tree someone is making a lot of noise… You can see battles everywhere there! And the members in those battles are from MM series Rockman, Blues, Forte, Roll, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily fighting with their technology. From MMX series are Rockman X, Zero, Axl, Alia, Iris, Colonel, Red, Dynamo and Sigma sending each other plasma shots. From MMZ series are Zero, Ciel, Omega X, Leviathan, Fefnir, Harpuia and Phantom fighting with their special skills. From MMEXE series are Netto, Rockman.EXE, Meiru, Roll.EXE, Lord Wily, Forte.EXE, Enzan, Blues.EXE, Yaito, Glyde.EXE, Dekao and Gutsman.EXE. Of course their battles are in the Net with the Navis. And finally, from MML you can see Rockman Trigger, Roll Casket and Tron Bonne. The battle is between Roll and Tron, Trigger only wants to calm down the two girls. Anyone isn’t paying attention to two girls: one in the real world and the other in the Net…

Leeveey/Yae: Your attention please!

MM characters: … Take this! – Arg! – Slot in! – I will destroy you! – Hey! ….

Leeveey/Yae: Your attention PLEASE!!

MM characters: … I won’t give up! – Rock Buster! – Hahaha! – Wah! – Sword!...


The battles in the real world calmed down. The humans, robots and reploids look to Leeveey. The NetBattles also calmed down. The navis look to Yae.

Yae: Leeveey, they stop NetBattling.

Leeveey: Yeah…Here too!

Forte.EXE: What do you want, human?

X: Are you crazy? We need to stop Sigma jus right now!

Axl: Yeah!

Omega: Here’s another maverick! (He points to Zero (Z))

Zero (Z): I’m not a MAVERICK!

Tron: Hmp! I don’t want to be at the side of this awful girl!

Roll (L): What!?

Trigger: Please! Calm down!

Netto: If we don’t stop Willy or Forte…They will rule the world and Net!

RME: Netto-kun is right!

Enzan: I agree.

Forte: A human? Stop me? Don’t make me laugh!

RM: They are talking about Forte.EXE! But I will stop you!

Forte: Oh…yeah?

RM: Yeah!

Zero(X): Anyway…why do you want us?

Leeveey: I want all of you sing this song for the Rockman.EXE Online contest, please? (Makes a puppy face) Also is s gift for all of your fans! Especially for Ryouko, is her birth month!

MM characters: (began to think about it) hmmm…..

Leviathan: I love singing! I am a mermaid type! ^^

Meiru/Yaito: We sang in one of our episodes!

RME: Netto-kun and I sang in a duet!

Iris: I also want to sing!

Tron: Well…I have a pretty voice.

Roll (L): I sing like an angel! ^^

Axl: What about our enemies?

Red: Axl has a point.

Dr. Wily: Yeah! I don’t want to sing at the side of these dumb Robots!

RM/Roll/Blues/Forte: What!? ¬¬

Sigma: Hmm…I also sing very well, hehe…

Dynamo: Me too! What about if I sing with these pretty girls?

MM Girls: No way!

Dynamo: *sob* ok… :(

Colonel: Well…if Iris wants to sing. I will sing too.

Enzan: Blues.EXE…We are going to sing.

Blues.EXE: As you say Enzan-sama.

Glyde: Yaito-sama, can I sing too?

Yaito: Of course!

Roll.EXE: What about me, Meiru-chan?

Meiru: Yeah! ^^

Phantom: I guess we need to sing too.

Fefnir: Uh…O..kay!

Harpuia: Why not?

Leviathan: What do you say, master?

Omega: But…Zero…

Ciel: Please! Is time for love and friendship! Is Christmas! I want to sing!

Omega: If mama says it…I will sing too!

Roll: Yay! I want to sing!

RM: I will sing too!

Blues: If my navi version is going to sing, I will sing too.

Forte: I will do it! This will prove that I’m the best singer robot!

Forte.EXE: Why I would sing for a web page that dresses me like a Christmas tree? ¬¬

Yae: Please Forte.EXE! (Makes a puppy face)

Forte.EXE: Al…right! I WILL sing!

Yae: Arigatou! ^^

Dr. Light: I will enjoy singing!

Alia: *blushes* Well…I don’t now…

X: C’mon, Alia! I hear you singing the other day!

Alia: Oh…well…I will sing too! *blushes*

Gutsman: What about us de-gutsu?

Dekao: Of course man!

Dr. Wily/L. Wily: We are going to sing!

Zero(X): Ok…I will sing. Only because you are one of my fans.

Zero(Z): You mean…OUR fans! I’m going to sing too!

Axl: Yay! My first Christmas’s song! You bet that I’m going to sing!

X: So do I!

Trigger: And me!

Red: Don’t forget about me!

Leeveey: Arigatou^^! I’m really thankful! Shall we begin?

MM characters: Yeah!!!

All the MM characters go to their seats and sit down leaving Leeveey and Yae standing up…

Yae: Ok! This is Leeveey’s Rockman Parody Christmas Carols for Rockman.EXE Online Contest #4. Original song: Jingle Bells by James Pierpont. Leeveey’s song: Let’s Rock.

Leeveey: Ok! Everyone ready? Begin to sing in...3…2…Ooonnneee!!

Jingle Bells karaoke music begins and everybody start singing:

Dashing through the city, shooting plasma shots

Over the highway we go, destroying all in the way;

Metal parts are falling, making noisy sounds

What fun it is to take my Buster and say “Let’s Rock”

Let’s Rock, let’s Rock, rock all the day!

O what fun it is to delete a virus in no time
Let’s Rock, let’s Rock, rock all the day!

O what fun it is to destroy a Maverick in no time

A day or two ago, I thought I’d stop Wily

And soon Mr. Match, was attacking my kitchen.

The Ride Chaser stopped suddenly, making X to wonder;

He got off it and then the Ride Chaser goes away


A century ago, Dr. Light and Wily were buddies

Dr. Wily hijacked the robots, and was stopped by Rockman.

Two centuries after that, Dr. Ciel created Omega
He began to retire reploids, and Ciel needed to wake up Zero.


Now the peace is coming, let’s take a break

Take these weapons out, and relax just a minute;

 Sit down near a chimney, drink a hot chocolate drink

Let’s enjoy this Christmas in peace before war starts again!


The song stops and everybody yell: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Happy Birthday Ryouko!!!”


*Original characters