Rockman / Megaman belongs to Capcom. This song parody was created for the Tri-Monthly Contest at Rockman.exe Online. Please do not post this fiction anywhere without the author's permission.


Title: The Moments Before the N1 Grand Prix

Based On: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

By: Chris Wilson a.k.a. MetalMan


‘Twas the moments before the N1 Grand Prix and inside every P.E.T.,
All the net Navis were stirring through out the net.
The battle chips were ready, strategies set with one priority,
In hopes to achieve the highest of all net battler glory.

From behind the crowd there arose such a clatter,
Some turned their heads to see what was the matter.
A figure came running, making such a loud racket,
He was wearing a blue bandana and an orange jacket.
Netto Hikari was his name, and in the P.E.T. attached to his side ban,
Was none other than the net’s blue bomber, Rockman.
“Ok buddy, let’s win this”, Netto said with a smirk.
Rockman replied, “Just didn’t forget to finish your homework.”

The sun glistened brightly in Netto’s brown eyes,
And then from behind him came a surprise.
His buddies from school had all come to support their friend,
Meiru, Yaito, and Dekao all said they’d stay ‘til the end.
Within the net, Gutsman, Glyde, and Roll cheered Rockman too,
And gave him the strength to do what he had to do.

A loud squeal from the speaker said soon will start the games,
And called out the first round Navi’s each by these names.
“Come Metalman, come Skullman, come Rockman, no delay,
Come Quickman, come Kingman, come Blues, it’s time to play.
To your stations now, this will be the only call,
Let’s jack in, plug in, and GET READY TO BRAWL!!”

Netto approached the consul; he took his battle position,
He ripped out his cord and yelled “Jack in Rockman, Transmission!”
Rockman appeared, waiting to see which Navi the computer would choose,
And as he formed, Rockman gasped at his opponent, the powerful Blues.

Enzan smirk, his confidence was higher than a kite,
“Sorry Netto, but you’re, again, going to loose this fight.”
“Last time you were lucky, but this year you’ll see,
Just how strong Rockman and I can be.”

Within the net, Blues stood ready to go,
The crowd knew it was going to be a good show.
Without any more delay, the Navi’s began their fight,
Hitting each other causing sharp flashes of light.
“Hang on there Rockman, I know we can win!
I’m sending you a chip. Sword, Slot in!”

Blues too got a sword and clashed with a mighty sound,
They were both tiered but still willing to stand their ground.
“Netto, get ready, we have to put our plan into action,
He’s becoming too much for me, I’m loosing my traction.”
“Back down then Rockman, I’m ready when you are,
Let’s show Enzan and Blues just how we came so far.”

Rockman jumped back and took a mighty stance,
He began charging up to let loose the most powerful program advance!
Netto put his heart and strength into Rockman with no denial,
And in a blinding flash, Rockman split into four, activating the Master Style!
Heat Guts, Aqua Custom, Elec Brother, and Wood Shield,
There was nowhere Blues could run on the field,
And though standing to fight crossed in his head,
He new that the outcome would be something he dread.
“Blues, log out, there’s nothing we can do.”
Looking at Netto, “I may have lost first round, but I’m glad it was to you.”

The audience was stunned; Netto couldn’t believe what he said,
Rockman reformed, confused by what happened, scratched his head.
Enzan didn’t speak another word; he just grabbed his P.E.T. and spun
As every member of the audience stood shocked and stun.
“Consider it a gift Netto; be that it’s the holiday season.
I could have beaten you easily, but I had my own reason.”

Netto smiled, still confused by what Enzan had done,
But instead of questions, he celebrated over the victory that was won.
Enzan said to himself, before we was clear out of sight,
“Good luck to you Netto, and to all a good fight.”