Rockman / Megaman belongs to Capcom. This song parody was created for the Tri-Monthly Contest at Rockman.exe Online. Please do not post this fiction anywhere without the author's permission.


Title: -none-

Based On: Twelve Days of Christmas

By: Protonman


In the first Battle Network Megaman and me,
we met the Lifevirus,
a unison of Scuttlers,
water,electric, wood, fire.
He was big green and mean:
He shot this big laser that hit me straight in the chest.
But we pulled through in the end.

In the second Battle Network Megaman and me,
we met Bass and Gospel,
Bass a powerful navi,
Gospel a raging virus.
Both controlled my Sean.
Megaman and me,
we went full synchro,
fought with all our might,
and we silenced the howling wolf.

In the third Battle Network Megaman and me,
we met the net sustainer,
broke into his core,
shot his purple heart,
and destroyed his virus.
A door appeared,
we found Gramps,
Alpha sucked us in,
Then Megaman launched me out of the net