Rockman / Megaman belongs to Capcom. This song parody was created for the Tri-Monthly Contest at Rockman.exe Online. Please do not post this fiction anywhere without the author's permission.


Title: -none-

Based On: Here Comes Santa Clause

By: Rob


Here comes Mega Man!
Here comes Mega Man!
Right down W3 Lane!
Roll and Gutsman and all his pals
Are getting ready to fight.
Meiru screaming and Dekao grieving;
All is gloomy and blight.
Jack in your Navi and say your prayers,
'Cause Wily comes tonight.

Here comes ProtoMan!
Here comes ProtoMan!
Right down W3 Lane!
He's got a sword with a blade so sharp
To cut FireMan right in half
Hear those Rock Busters Blast and Bang,
What a beautiful sight.
Jump in bed, cover up your head,
'Cause Wily comes tonight