Rockman / Megaman belongs to Capcom. This song parody was created for the Tri-Monthly Contest at Rockman.exe Online. Please do not post this fiction anywhere without the author's permission.


Title: Forte, The Independent Navi

Based On: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

By: Enzan1564


((- Listen to the author sing his song! -))

Forte, the independent Navi,
did things in his very own way.
Whenever others saw him (saw him),
they would turn and run away (Faster than Quickman).
All of the other navis,
Trembled when they heard his name.
They'd never let poor Forte,
Join in any Navi games (Like Net Baseball).
But then when Gospel attacked the net,
Forte found Rockman (Our Hero!).
He scanned his mind, awakened,
and tried to lend a hand.
Poor Forte got deleted,
Least that's how the story goes.
What happened to our dear Navi?
He's the only one who knows (and the writers)