Rockman / Megaman belongs to Capcom. This song parody was created for the Tri-Monthly Contest at Rockman.exe Online. Please do not post this fiction anywhere without the author's permission.


Title: Last Christmas - Lost and Rebirth

Based On: Last Christmas

By: Kaeri


Yuuichiro Hikari :

Last Christmas
You gave me two sons
But the very next year
One was taken away
This year
Please don't cry your tears
I'm planning something very special

Haruka Hikari:

Last Christmas
I gave you two sons
But the very next year
One was taken away
This year
I won't cry these tears
For Netto, I'll make this special


Keep trying, I keep trying
Just one more problem
That I just have to solve

Tell me Saito, does this hurt you any?
I can't believe that you were once our twin baby

Ready Saito?
Let's try this combination
One more code here, and I think we'll make it
When I think of all I've put you through
You and Netto seem to light up the room


Last Christmas
We lost a dear son
But the very next year
I was working away
This Year
We won't cry our tears
For Saito, there's something special


Last Christmas
My Saito was gone
But the very next year
You were off and away
This Year
We won't cry those tears
For Netto and Saito, it's special

Netto Hikari:

A crowded room
Friends with Net Navis
I feel behind like I've lost the key

This Net Navi I have is no one to rely on Me?
I guess I have no way to battle on

A friend that I'd talk to and play all these games with
A navi friend to battle and finally beat Gutsman
(finally beat Gutsman - echo)

You know that if I found you, we'd battle until the end


Last Christmas
I made one true wish
But the very next day
The wish never came
This year
I'll still try you know
And maybe one day I will find him.

Saito Hikari (Rockman.exe):

Last Christmas
I told Dad my Wish
And he told me, "Saito, that you're not ready yet"
Hold on
I'll wish on that star
That one day I will meet Netto

Netto (Saito in parenthesis):

I knew that my dad had finally come through on his
promise to make (get me) me a Net Navi of my own (to finally meeting Netto)

Thank you Dad! (Thank you Dad!)

(I know that he will be)
I know that my navi is special

Afterwords -

Netto - Do you believe it Rockman?!
Rockman/Saito - We've gone through all this; we beat Gospel and the World Three...

Netto - And now it's Christmas!

Rockman/Saito - It is, isn't it Netto-kun.
Netto - Yeah, it is... Merry Christmas Rockman!
Rockman/Saito - Merry Christmas Netto-kun!
Netto - Or should I say...Saito? brother.
Rockman/Saito - Hai! Yep. Christmas...we're finally together, Netto-kun!
Netto -That's right Saito...Rockman!