Artwork done by Ryouko

Contest #4 - December 2003:

Merry Christmas, everyone! Tabby, Nobi-chan and I had a wonderful time reading all 76 of these wonderful entries, and we're so excited that so many took the time to enter! Thank you, everyone! This by far has been the most successful contest held to date.

There were a total of 3 judges for this contest: myself, Nobi-chan, & Tabby. This contest was split into two rounds, due to the large number of entries. All 76 of the entries were split into 3 groups, and one judge chose their top 7 from their own selective group. These entries were then listed as "finalists".

Then, each judge was asked to rate each finalist entry from 1 to 10 (10 being the best), and was then asked to leave a comment of critique on each one. Each judge was then asked to chose a favourite out of all the entires, and those selected entrants recieved an extra 2 points. The points were then added up, and whomever recieved the most, was the winner of the contest. As you can tell from the results, the judging was very close. Congrats to the winner, and to all those who entered! Thank you all again so much!

~~~ On to the Entries! ~~~


Author: Izumi ~ 1st Place Winner! ~ -PET Prize!-
Song Title: Forte's Getting Nothing for Christmas *Nobi-chan's Pick!*
Total Points: 28 + 2 bonus = 30
Ryouko's Comments: *snirkles* Forte's been a very bad robot. >:D But at least he admits it! Absolutely brilliant entry. >:D
Tabby's Comments: Probably the most perfect christmas song describing classic Forte. I loved the end! XD
Nobi-chan's Comments: I can even see Forte doing all this stuff! >:D Great job!

Author: Marisa ~ Runner Up! ~
Song Title: World Three is Coming to Town
Total Points: 28
Ryouko's Comments: *claps* Yay, the World 3! You kept their characters perfect to a tee, right down to Elec's engrish. XD Absolutely hilarious!
Tabby's Comments: Crazy crazy Marisa. Ijuin was right to call you a Hyper Seal on Crack. XD And this just proves it. I was in tears laughing at this one! Excellent work!

Author: Alexandria
Song Title: Blues' Christmas*Ryouko's Pick!*
Total Points: 24 + 2 bonus = 26
Ryouko's Comments: I really loved this one, not just because she included more than just the song, but because it had a lot of heart to it. This keeps the spirit of the Christmas season fully intact, with a sweet and happy ending!
Tabby's Comments: This was a really cute entry. :P I'm a softy for romantic stuff AND Blues, so that's two in one song! A very heart warming entry.
Nobi-chan's Comments: A very cute little story. As for the actual song, thank you so much for actually using the right number of syllables in each line; you'd be amazed how many people aren't that particular. Nice job!

Author: Fether
Song Title: 12 Days of Rivalry *Tabby's Pick!*
Total Points: 24 + 2 bonus = 26
Ryouko's Comments: If I had been Enzan, I would have smacked Netto -so- hard. >:D Again, the extra effort to give some character to your song shines through, this was a very enjoyable entry to read. ^_^
Tabby's Comments: Oh my. This one had me reeling with laughter! The added 'conflict' in this made it priceless!
Nobi-chan's Comments: I like the cute story accompanying the song. The only problem is, the story's not really long enough to cram in as many different tones as you tried here. First Netto's light and cheerful, then scared, then angry... You get the point. Or maybe that's just me. ^_^; Very nicely done, though!

Author: Paul Kleihege
Song Title: A Very Wily Christmas
Total Points: 26
Ryouko's Comments: Aw, what a great story! The lyrics told this one perfectly, and everything fit right in with the tune. ^_^ Wonderful job!
Tabby's Comments: Wow! Another well written one! This one looks like A LOT of effort was put into it. Excellent job!
Nobi-chan's Comments: Cute! I like the story from Wily's viewpoint, but the story doesn't have much to do with Christmas. :o Good job, though!

Author: PlaguedOne
Song Title: O(MG) Bubbleman lolz
Total Points: 26
Ryouko's Comments: Ahaha, Bubbleman. >:D Never gets a break, does he? This entry cracked me up. XD
Tabby's Comments: Well written, and it's about Bubbleman! Who could want anymore? XD
Nobi-chan's Comments: Short and to the point: Bubbleman sucks, and everyone knows it. XD Great job!

Author: Anime Master ZERO
Song Title: Densan Christmas Day
Total Points: 25
Ryouko's Comments: I -loved- how you used all of the characters to sing the song! Instead of just giving us Rockman lyrics, you brought in the entire cast to sing it! It was also hilarious to boot, I loved it all. ^_^
Tabby's Comments: Overall, I like the theme of this one, in the fact it feels like all the Rockman characters are singing. (Makes it feel like the RockmanEXE christmas special or something..)
Nobi-chan's Comments: Great attention to detail (for example, "Ow ow ow!")! I really like each of the characters singing their own part, rather than the usual third-person narrative song.

Author: Kaeri
Song Title: Last Christmas - Lost and Rebirth
Total Points: 25
Ryouko's Comments: *sniffles* This reminds me of the "Christmas Shoes" song, its so very sad! But at the same time, very heartfelt and touching. Beautiful work!
Tabby's Comments: Another entry with beautiful emotion! Showing the Hikari family is this light was awesome and heartwarming, which is what Christmas is all about, ne? XD
Nobi-chan's Comments: A very touching song; I like the original route you took with this contest. Nice job!

Author: Claud
Song Title: Kiss or be kicked out!
Total Points: 25
Ryouko's Comments: *giggles* I love it when each character sings a part! It gives the song so much character. ^_^ Wonderfully done!
Tabby's Comments: Cute and very creative! Parts of this one had me giggling. XD Adding Aki-chan in singing was a very nice touch, and Masa-san's last line was PERFECT.
Nobi-chan's Comments: I love it! Very cute lyrics, and Netto is completely in character! ^_~ (Omm omm omm omm omm)

Author: Suraida-Chan
Song Title: Rockman, The Small Blue Navi
Total Points: 25
Ryouko's Comments: Squee, what a cute song! I love the extra endings added onto the verses as well. ^_^
Tabby's Comments: Very well flowing and cute. ^_^ There were a few bumps in there, but overall, a good piece.
Nobi-chan's Comments: Cute! You actually pulled off a parody of this song, and did a great job of it! Nicely done!

Author: Arison-chan
Song Title: Enzan Got Run Over by a Reindeer!
Total Points: 24
Ryouko's Comments: You took the full meaning of "parody" and applied it full swing to this one! Poor poor Enzan, you feel so bad for the poor guy by the end of the song. ^_^ Such a great story!
Tabby's Comments: LOL! Poor Enzan-sama. XD This one was cute, and the added commentary was very funny. However, there were a few parts that didn't flow together too well.
Nobi-chan's Comments: I love it! I used to hate this song, but now I like it, and it's your fault. >:D

Author: Solomon N
Song Title: Forte-sama the Navi
Total Points: 24
Ryouko's Comments: Such an evil song, but it fits Forte perfectly! XD Nice wording in here, good job. ^_^
Tabby's Comments: This song is just so well written, and described Forte so well. Very creative! Excellent work!
Nobi-chan's Comments: Cute! I never would have come up with an idea like this. XD I really like the fact that you stuck to the song the whole way through, instead of just using the tune. ^^; Well done!

Author: Gamer1412
Total Points: 23
Ryouko's Comments: ROFL XD Poor poor Blues! If this wasn't so out of his character, it would've been perfect. Neverthess, this one cracked me up immensely!
Tabby's Comments: Poor poor Blues. I want him to have his own damn game too! ^_^ *cough* Another creative and cute entry.
Nobi-chan's Comments: bwahaha! He's singing what we're all thinking! >:D

Author: Shin
Song Title: Friends till the end
Total Points: 23
Ryouko's Comments: sweet. ;_; I love how it's sung from Rockman's perspective, you can tell how much he cares about Netto. I loved this!
Tabby's Comments: Beautiful beautiful emotion, which matches the tone of the song quite well.
Nobi-chan's Comments: No fair! You preyed on the fact that I love "Silver Bells"! XD There are a few typos though; make sure you proofread. But nice job!

Author: Enzan1564
Song Title: Forte, The Independent Navi
Total Points: 22
Ryouko's Comments: Kudos to you for actually singing your song! ^_^ *giggles* This entry was very cute, and of course I love everything Forte. My only gripe was that the ""He scanned his mind, and awakened" line did not fit very well with the tune. Very close, though! ^_^
Tabby's Comments: This one was very well done! It also flows along very smoothly and was very creatively done. ^_^
Nobi-chan's Comments: A really cute little song. It's a little short, but of course so is the song it's based on. Lyrics were good and creative.

Author: J.T. Lynn
Song Title: Our Christmas Tree Troubles
Total Points: 21
Ryouko's Comments: A very interesting take on this song, which made me laugh. XD Yay for spray-on-snow!
Tabby's Comments: Very creative point of view on this one, being that of a lower ranking Hunter. My only complaint was the wording sometimes didn't go to smoothly and hit snags sometimes.
Nobi-chan's Comments: Very cute and funny! Difficult to imagine Sigma and Dr. Cain caroling together, but I like it! ^_~

Author: TheRyuujinMike
Song Title: Rockmen Around the Christmas Tree
Total Points: 21
Ryouko's Comments: This must've been a hard song to write lyrics to, so kudos to you. ^_^; Looks like all the characters are present here! (cept poor Forte :P)
Tabby's Comments: Probably the only entry to include all Rockmen in it! It's well written, and has some good humor in it. ^_^
Nobi-chan's Comments: Nice job! For some reason, the line "Woodmans_theme_remix.mp3" makes me think of "I am Bender, please insert girder." If you don't know what I'm talking about, just ignore me. :P The tune was a little tough to follow with these lyrics, but I might not have had it quite right; it seemed like a line was missing here and there. Good job overall!

Author: Sketch
Song Title: The Twelve Days of Rockman
Total Points: 21
Ryouko's Comments: Ahaha, Forte Christmas Tree, nuff said. >:D
Tabby's Comments: Out of the bunch I had to judge, Sketch had the most orginal '12 days of Christmas' in the group. Since I did judge that song a little harder, since EVERYONE and their mother did it, Sketch should feel proud XD
Nobi-chan's Comments: Nice job! Some creative presents in there!

Author: Erico "The Super Bard" Lawson
Song Title: Merry Robots To You
Total Points: 20
Ryouko's Comments: The lyrics for this song were written very well, and fit the tune just right. This song leaves you feeling so sad, though. ^_^; but overall, a great composition!
Tabby's Comments: Wow. The emotion in this one is very beautiful.
Nobi-chan's Comments: You're certainly braver than I am, to try a parody of this song. It is well-done, but it's a little confusing. I mean, it doesn't seem to talk about a specific part of the storyline or anything. Nevertheless, nice job!

Author: Zero.exe
Song Title: Clown Bells: A Rockman Parody of "Jingle Bells"
Total Points: 18
Ryouko's Comments: Comments: Another good "lets get wily!" song, and such good lyrics too! Wonderful job. ^_^
Tabby's Comments: Very nicely written. My only complain was that 'Clown' bells didn't really flow along with the song.
Nobi-chan's Comments: Not bad at all! You should know that using the Batman version of this song as a basis lost you a point or two, though. ^^; But keep working at it!


Author: 2PBers
Song Title: Joy to The World

Author: Aethos
Song Title: Rudoulph the red-nosed reindeer

Author: Alex
Song Title: Jingle Bells

Author: Atory
Song Title: The Twelve Days of the Christmas Net Battle Tournament

Author: Ayman Azlan

Author: Baka_Netto
Song Title: Deck the PET

Author: Brandon
Song Title: Jingle Bells

Author: chaoscontrol88s
Song Title: Rockman's Twelve Thoughts of Christmas

Author: Chibiko
Song Title: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Author: Cutman.exe
Song Title: The Twelve (Rockman) Days Of Christmas

Author: Daidairo
Song Title: The Story of MegaMan

Author: Darwin
Song Title: The Fives Moves of Forte

Author: David
Song Title: Twelve Days of Net-Battling

Author: David Willis
Song Title: here comes megaman

Author: Dustin Chen
Song Title: Walking in a Cyber Wonderland

Author: Forteotakugirl
Song Title: Enzan got ran over by some fangirls

Author: Garrett McCoy
Song Title: Jingle Bells

Author: Ginrei
Song Title: Wily Wonderland

Author: Goldenmane
Song Title: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - X style.

Author: GutsmanEXE
Song Title: O Forte Tree

Author: Hardcore Hecxz
Song Title: Netto-kun's 12 days of Christmas

Author: HydroMan
Song Title: Where Are You Rock ?

Author: Joel Forest
Song Title: X-mas X

Author: Kenneth Chong
Song Title: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Author: Kyle O'Laughlin
Song Title: Frosty The Snowman

Author: Leeveey
Song Title: Let's Rock

Author: LeonForte.EXE
Song Title: Twelve Days of Christmas

Author: LPA.exe
Song Title: Jingle Bells

Author: Magna Inferno
Song Title: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Author: Master-sama
Song Title: Densan Artificially-Made Christmas

Author: Matthew Galezowski
Song Title: The 12 Days Of Rockistmas

Author: Megagirl202
Song Title: Hark! Nx-1 Games Start

Author: Metal Shark Player
Song Title: 12 days of Net Battling

Author: MetalMan
Song Title: The Moments Before the N1 Grand Prix

Author: mike
Song Title: jingle bells

Author: Nicholas
Song Title: Rockman Bells

Author: Nick Lin
Song Title: 12 days of christmas

Author: OmegaTrigger
Song Title: Jingle Bells

Author: Protonman
Song Title: Twelve Days of Christmas

Author: Pyra Akaidra
Song Title: The Twelfth Day of Christmas, Rockman.EXE style!

Song Title: Gospel the Dark Nosed Puppy

Author: Rob
Song Title: Here Comes Santa Clause

Author: Robert Frederick
Song Title: Axl Got Run Over By A Maverick (Sung by Dr. Light)

Author: Rory
Song Title: Away in a Desk Chair

Author: Ryan Lowey

Author: Sai
Song Title: Silent Fight

Author: SaitoRockmanX
Song Title: Jingle Bells

Author: Shadow)Zero
Song Title: Rockman Bells

Author: Shinka
Song Title: Aria for Rockman

Author: StoneHot.EXE
Song Title: Silent Night

Author: Vianka Paulino
Song Title: The 12 days of Rockman

Author: Vic
Song Title: 12 days of Christmas

Author: Wesley Paraham
Song Title: Twelve Days of Christmas

Author: Yue-chan
Song Title: Elecman's Christmas Carol

Author: Zac. Carmody
Song Title: 12 Days Of Net-Mas

Author: Zak (Harpuia-kun)
Song Title: Netto Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Congratulations to the winner, and thank you to all of those who entered! I hope to see you all again soon!