Plug in! Rockman!
(Jack in! Megaman!)

Japanese Air Date: 3-4-02
American Air Date: 5-17-03

Character Introductions: Netto Hikari, Dekao Oyama, Meiru Sakurai, Rockman.exe, Gutsman.exe, Roll.exe, Masa, Mariko-sensei, Kenichi Hino, & Fireman.exe, Dr. Wily

Netto Hikari is your usual boy in the year 200X. He lives in a world driven by electronics and the internet. Everyone has a device called a PET that contains a program called a Net Navi(gator) that they use to access the Net, to fix things and other wise play games and have "Net Battles". After losing a fight against his friend Dekao and his Navi, Gutsman, Netto returns home saddened that he doesn't have his own custom navi like everyone else. Netto soon gets a mail package containing what seems to be a normal download from his dad. What it really is, is the program for Rockman.exe!

Netto is awakened by Rockman in the morning and is estatic about his new Navi. But Netto's world isn't without troubles.. an outbreak of fires have occured recently by a virus infecting ovens. When Netto's house is the next target its up to him and Rockman.exe to delete the virus and save their home!

Ryouko's note: And so, the very first Rockman animated series has begun! (No, I do not count the 1990's Megaman a real series. :P) Fans have been asking for one for years, and finally our pleas were heard. Welcome, Rockman.exe, to the animated world!

Edits in the English Version:

Original opening theme is cut out, replaced by a barrage of random images and a techno background music.

Background music is completely removed, and replaced by cheap techno beats.

Rockman's sword was blurred so that it did not appear sharp.

The blank black screen on Netto's PET with the PET symbol when installing Rockman was cut.

Netto's introduction conversation with Rockman is cut short.

"Plug-in, Rockman.exe! Transmission!" becomes "Jack-in, Megaman! Power up!"

Rockman's "Rock Buster!" scene when deleting the metools is cut out.

Fireman speaks when Rockman first sees him in the flames (normally silent).

Netto mentions the N1 Grand Prix, when it is not even introduced until episode 10.

"Roll Flash!" has become "Roll Blast!"

PET is now pronounced as P-E-T, instead of simply Pet.

Masa is now a hick, and talks like a sterotypical Texan.

Hinoken talks with a scottish accent, and overuses a lot of "kilt" puns.

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P