The N1 Grand Prix
(N1 Grand Prix)

Japanese Air Date: 5-6-02
American Air Date: 6-28-03

Character Introductions: Kero Midorikawa (announcer), Skullman.exe

Are you ready to batttlleeeee!!!?? The N1 Grand Prix is going to start soon and that means constant training for Netto and the others if they want to win! After nearly losing to Magicman.exe and their rescue from the almighty Blues.exe and Enzan, Netto and Rockman are determined to become stronger.

When the day comes to go to the Grand Prix, trouble happens! Numberman has gone berserk when he is upgraded to Version 2. Higure pleads with Netto and the others to help stop Numberman before something really bad happens, but he doesn't want them to harm Numberman because he needs him for the tournament!

Will Netto be able to stop Numberman Version 2, and can Dekao get to the island where the N1 Grand Prix is held in time for his first match!? Better hope so.

Ryouko's note: This episode begins the very long stretch of the N1 Grand Prix Tournament, which will last to Episode 22. Enjoy it, it'll be a lot of fun!

Edits in the English Version:

The words "Sparring" on Yai's multitude of PETs is changed to "Training"

Rockman's attack "Rock Buster!" is again left without a name.

Roll's "Heart Flash!" attack is renamed "Roll Blast!" (It seems all of her attacks are renamed this. O_o Her "Roll Flash!" was too.)

Tohru is renamed as Tory.

Still shot of Iceman ordering around metools at the Water Plant is cut out.

The kanji on Higure's Chip Shop sign is removed.

On the boxes beside Higure, the words "Cup Noodle" is changed to "? of Noodles"

Extra shots of the helicopter flying were cut out.

Midorikawa Kero is renamed as Ribbita.

It is never mentioned that Fireman, Elecman and Coloredman have been upgraded to version 2.

The World 3 cronies finally say their signature line, "Delete!"

The shot showing the outside of Saloma's flower shop is cut out.

Camera zooming in on Saloma and Miyuki as they enter headquarters is cut out.

The box by Higure has somehow reverted back to the original "Cup Noodle" ^_^; lol!

The kanji on Higure's Chip Shop sign has also now mysteriously appeared. lazy lazy editors.....

In the original Netto's papa was currently in Holland, but in the dub he is now in the Amazon "wrestling crocadiles" -_-;;

Sad thing with the dub is you miss out on the funny commercial break scenes. In this episode, you can hear Higure yelling "Come back, Numberman-man-man-man-man!" then "Numberman, come back for dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner!" lol. XD

The shop sign "Akihara Clockshop" is kept intact. Akihara is the original name of the city Netto lives in.

Rockman's sword is un-blunted when it starts to crack.

The extra panning up shots of Numberman as he's about to attack are cut out.

Iceman's "Blizzard" attack is renamed "Cyber Blizzard"

*twitches* Iceman, the cute little high-pitched eskimo, sounds like a 40 year old taxi driver...

Skullman speaks in the dub, in the original he didn't say a word the entire battle.

Skullman's back-kick to Numberman's head is cut out.

The slow-motion close-up shots of both Skullman and Numberman before he falls are cut out.

Dekao's opponents, who were originally nameless, are given the names "Jamie" and "Greenman" (original, huh?)

Enzan's 3 second Net Battle win is changed to 12 seconds instead.

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