Invincible Enemy!

Japanese Air Date: 5-13-02
American Air Date: 7-5-03

Iceman and Tohru prep for their first tournament match! Miyuki tells Netto that the match will be over in less than a minute, and Iceman will win. Amazingly her prediction comes true!

Netto is ready to face his battle against Miyuki and Skullman.exe. However, before the match even begins Miyuki tells the outcome of the fight to Netto. The match will be over in 5 minutes...and he will LOSE! Is this true!? Or does Miyuki need a new crystal ball? Higure also provides Lan with some new battle chips which are.. Minibombs!?!? Ouch..thanks alot Higure-san. Will the fortune come true? Will Rockman truely lose!? I dunno but those Minibombs don't make it look any better. XD

Edits in the English Version:

Opening overhead view shot of the arena is cut out.

Iceman's tournament opponenet Breakman is renamed as Rocketman.

Netto's first glimpse of Miyu in the cooridor is cut out.

In the original Miyu predicts a storm after Iceman's match, in the dub she does it before.

Netto yelling "Oh no!" after Iceman is hit with the missiles is cut out.

The "Icecube" battlechip is renamed as "Cyber Ice"

"Freeze Bubble" is renamed as "Cyber Blizzard"

Masa-san force feeding Dekao his lunch is cut out.

Netto holding his rear-end then running around in circles in front of the bathrooms is cut out.

In the dub, Miyu and Sal talk about Lan being a secret Net Agent. This was never mentioned at any time in the original.

Skullman's back-kick to Numberman's head is again cut out in the flashback when Netto is talking to Higure, but extra footage from the same battle is added.

The "Mini-Bomb" battlechips are renamed as "Mini-Boomer"

Mr. Match's rage at wanting to be the one to defeat Megaman and Lan doesn't make much sense since in the dub they've only versed each other one time, whereas in the original a whole episode was devoted to Hinoken and Fireman seeking out to destroy them personally, only to fail yet again.

Rockman firing at the screen during his match with Skullman is cut out, and replaced with stock footage from episode 2.

The second shot of Rockman firing at the screen is also cut out, and replaced with a shot of just his blaster firing.

Extra shots of the battle arena in the rain are cut out.

In the original, Masa-san dislikes Higure sitting with them because he sits next to Mariko-sensei, whom they both have a crush on. In the dub, no mention of Ms. Mari is even made. It should also be noted that in the original, Masa-san always mispronounces Higure's last name, Yamitaro. In the dub they do something simular by having Maysa not calling Higsby by his correct first name.

Skullman's "Demon Fire" battlechip is renamed "Ghost Fire"

Rockman's third shot of firing at the screen is cut out, and replaced with the same shot of the blaster alone as used the second time. His fourth scene of firing at the screen is also cut out, and replaced by episode 2 stock footage (what is up with these editors?!)

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P