Crash! The Pink Spark!
(Wacky Madness and Blazing Battles: Part 1)

Japanese Air Date: 5-20-02
American Air Date: 7-12-03

Netto's net match is with the pryomaniac himself, Hinoken and an upgraded Fireman! But who caes about Netto? Meiru and Yaito run into Madoi, who just happens to be Meiru's next match opponent. Madoi, the primadona she is, insults Meiru by calling her a 20 point beauty. Compared to herself, a 100 point beauty, she is the dirty spot that threatens Madoi's eternal beauty!

A cat fight erupts between the 3 after Yaito and Meiru call Madoi an old lady (oba-san!). Meiru, armed with more anger than PMS and a flaming "fire aura", she swears to make the "old hag" pay. Will Meiru and Roll be able to defend their pride?!

Edits in the English Version:

Scene where Meiru is telling Netto about Madoi is cut out

Madoi's insults about Meiru's breasts and looks are changed to insulting her skills as a Net Battler instead

The hat rolling away in the wind is cut out

Western theme music added to Madoi and Meiru's face-off

Commander Beef tells his viewers to eat "Beef!", while in the original it was Calcium.

"Mr. Match" mentions that Lan has beaten him twice, yet this makes no sense because in the dub the episode with Mr. Match's rematch with Lan was never aired, thus they have only battled once.

Roll's "Heart Flash!" attack is changed to "Roll Blast!"

Roll's second "Heart Flash!" attack is changed to "Roll Control!"

Masa and Higure fighting each other in the stands is cut out

Roll's "Poseiden" battle chip becomes a "Piranha"

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
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