Burning Hot Net Battle!
(Wacky Madness and Blazing Battles: Part 2)

Japanese Air Date: 5-27-02
American Air Date: 7-19-03

After Roll and Meiru's big battle finale, Netto and Hinoken get ready to heat it up! But it seems Hino can't play fair, as he seals up the battle dome and absorbs the power of the sun into Fireman! Not only is the network getting fried but the stadium itself is becoming a natural oven! Netto's life falls into danger, leaving Rockman wide open for attacks. Will Netto and Rockman be able to cool off Fireman or will they become the next item on Hinoken's barbeque menu?

Edits in the English Version:

Netto's inroduction to the series, characters, and current Net Battle with Fireman is cut out.

Ribitta talks during the normally silent beginning of the episode, which shows clips of the N1 Grand Prix Arena

There is no such thing as "Mega-Jump" .;;;

Rockman's "Rockbuster!" attack was finally called by its correct American name from the games, "Megabuster"

The scene of Rockman constantly punching Fireman is cut short

Shot of the solor powered roof closing was originally -after- Ribbita's announcement, not before it (which explains why Ribitta suddenly looks upwards).

Dialouge from Netto and Hinoken are added during the normally silent scenes of the roof closing.

After Fireman punches Rockman backwards and into the ground, the shot of Rockman laying there with a painful smoking burn mark on his torso is cut out.

Chaud's line "Rookie is out of his league." was originally "Who's behind this?" I find it funny that ShoPro is trying to make Chaud/Enzan more of an ass than he already is. :P

"I'm baking me a mega-muffin!" = BEST LINE EVER. XD I love Torchman's corny lines, they crack me up.

*snirkles* In the removed eyecatch for this week's episode, you can hear Madoi say "Do you think we'll win next week's match?!" (referring to Rockman vs. Magicman), with Count Elec yelling back "Not if you keep stomping on my foot!" XD It's a shame they can't show the original eyecatches, some of them are truely hilarious.

After Fireman torches Rockman at point blank, Rockman collapses to his knees. Apparantly not only are shots of Rockman firing at the screen not tolerated, but I guess butt shots aren't either, as the shot from Rockman's behind while facing Fireman on his knees is cut out. :P

A panning up shot of Rockman obviously suffering from the burning attack is also deleted.

When Netto finally faints to the ground from the heat, you see and hear Meiru calling out to him. In the original, her voice was drastically slowed down to sound very deep ("Neettooooo!"). However in the dub version, her voice sounds normal, which is the first -good- edit that I have seen, as the deep-slowed-down voice sounded very very....odd. o_o

After Sharkman appears, the snake viruses that seem to be "deleted" were originally just arriving. For some reason it was reversed in the dub.

Meiru's long speech of trying to wake Netto up is instead replaced by diaglouge from Torchman and Megaman.

"Triple Flame Tower!" was renamed "Triple Fire Tower!" (eh...close enough, I've heard much worse so far)

The scene of Miyu and Sal talking to Commander Beef right before the roof is re-opened was never in the original, the dub just reused footage from earlier.

Sigh...the ending of this battle just isn't the same without the "kaze wo tsukinukete" theme playing in the background. ~_~ I truly miss it.

When Torchman says "I'm still glowing!", glowing effects are added to his arms. In the original, he's actually shocked because he's lost the power of the sun.

When Fireman and Rockman begin charging each other, their swords are left unglowified. o_o stupid editers keep missing things! if you're going to add cheesy censor effects, at least keep it consistant. :P

Shot of Fireman's body being sliced in half is cut out.

This is the first time in the dub that we get to see Woodman. In the original however, he was introduced in episode seven during the rematch battle between Rockman and Elecman (this episode was skipped in airing in the dub version).

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P