Street Fight!
(Street Fight!)

Japanese Air Date: 6-3-02
American Air Date: 7-26-03

After Day 1 of the N1 Grand Prix, Yaito invites everyone to a fancy dinner at a resturaunt. Not only does she look cuter in her fancy black dress... Meiru and Mariko-sensei also dress up! (while the boys wear their normal clothes. ^_^;)

At the resturant they run into Enzan who calls Yaito and her father's company "Gabcom" 3rd rate! Netto, having had enough of Enzan's rude attitude, challenges him and Blues to a the middle of the street no less! Meanwhile, the great Dr. Wily has sent his two best Navi's to find the ultimate program. Will Netto defend Yaito's cute honor? And what the heck is this Ultimate Program that Dr.Wily is seeking?!

Edits in the English Version:

In the original, Stoneman and Bomberman (Blasterman)'s identities where not revealed at all in this episode, they just were referred to as "World 3's strongest warriors!" Though, I was very happy that they kept their "Delete!" signature phrase (which is what every World 3 member says when they depart).

At the end of Yaito's party invitation scene, Dekao was originally complaining because Glyde mentioned his name last in the guest list. In the dub, he's complaining because it's a "rich party" at a fancy resturaunt.

In the dub, Lan mentions that Sal helped him defeat Skullman, yet I don't remember her helping him out at all. She also refers to Lan becoming a "Net Agent" again, which is completely bogus. In the original, Netto is simply fascinated that Saloma was a Net Battler, yet she denies this and said she only entered to fill a friend's place. Netto also makes references to the fact that Woodman saved Rockman from Elecman back in episode 7, when Elecman attacked Yaito's company, Gabcom. Since the dub skipped over this episode, no reference is made.

Saloma's name that was originally on the side of her van is edited out.

When Commander Beef is showing images of the virus attacks via his helmet, scenes of Net Navis being deleted are cut out. In the original, the viruses are attacking Navis who have won their matches on the first day of the N1 Grand Prix tournament. Dr. Wily was annoyed because the World 3 didn't delete as many Navis as they should have, so he took it upon himself to finish their job.

Dekao and Tohru's reaction to Yaito's arrival was originally about how cute she looked, not how amazing her limozine was. .;

Chaud's new last name is revealed to be "Blaze". How they came up with this, I have absolutely no idea. In the video game version his name was Eugene Chaud, which made much more sense because his original Japanese name is Ijuin Enzan (Enzan being his first name).

In the original, Enzan's father is president of a wealthy hardware company called IPC (they help develop things like PETs and such). In the dub, they name his father as the President of "Blaze Quest", a multi-national gaming company.

In the dub, Chaud berates Lan because he would have lost against Torchman if the battle had continued any further. However this statement really makes no sense, as Megaman clearly won the battle. However in the original, Enzan refers to Netto's battle with Skullman and Miyuki instead. This is much clearer in theory, because Miyuki plugged out Skullman early and gave Netto the win.

When Netto is chasing Enzan across the street, he begins calling him a coward because he keeps refusing to Net Battle him. In the dub however, Lan makes some reference that Chaud's father knows how to enhance Net Battling abilities. Where on Earth did that come from?

Stock footage of Lan plugging in Megaman is added, this was never shown in the original.

After the viruses begin to attack, Tohru points out that the television screens aren't the only things going haywire. However the shots of all the store signs being electricuted are cut out.

Woodman's attack "Tree Tower!" is renamed as "Wood Tower!"

After Rockman's use of the Program Advance, Netto's PET screen reads "item can not use". In the dub, the words are switched around to "cannot use item". Gotta love Japanese engrish. :P

After the battle, Miyuki and Saloma meet up again. After the speak a few words, a very roughed up Commander Beef joins them. Unfortunately Beef's scene was entirely cut out, perhaps because pieces of his helmet are missing and you can see one of his eyes. ^_^; They're trying awfully hard to conceal his rather obvious identity....

In the original, Higure mentions that the operator and their navi must be fully synchronized in order to complete the Program Advance. No mention of this is ever made in the dub.

After Yaito and the others leave Netto behind to head to dinner, Netto realizes he still hasn't eaten and chases after them. In the dub, this is where the episode ends. However, in the original he runs smack dab right back into the middle of the street again, nearly gets run over, then causes a huge traffic jam. ^_^;

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P