Special Training, Program Advance!
(Intensive Training, Program Advance!)

Japanese Air Date: 6-17-02
American Air Date: 8-2-03

Discovering the power that is Program Advance during his fight with Enzan, Netto is obsessed with mastering the attack. But he must do this quickly, for his next tournament match is against Magicman and Mahajorama! Since Magicman nearly defeated Rockman in their last battle, can Netto and Rockman win this round? Cause if not, Blues won't be there to save him this time!

Meanwhile, Blues and Enzan face their next match against Count Elec and Elecman. As soon as the match begins, Count Elec zaps the viewing globe so that Enzan can't see what's going on in the battle! However, it seems Count Elec is not the only one with a trick up his sleeve. Watch out, Elecman!

Edits in the English Version:

In the beginning of the original, Kero (Ribitta) mentions that the number of navi entrants in the tournament have decreased, due to recent virus attacks. No mention of this is made in the dub.

After Kero's announcement, Meiru comments that her next match will be against Tohru and Iceman, then they wish each other good luck. In the dub, Maylu comments about long lines at the food stands instead.

After Maylu and Yai mention that Lan is in the training room with Dex, an extra shot of the Tournament Dome is shown. This was not in the original at all.

A silent moment of Netto looking at his PET before he begins sparring with Dekao is cut out.

During the flashback of Rockman's program advance, the white glowy edges around the screen are added in the dub.

Rockman's poor swords are glowified...again. Yet when Lan is recharging his sword battle chip, the graphic on the screen is left nice and pointy. :P

Skullman's "Bone Stalker!" attack is changed to "Boomerang Bones!"

Whaleman did not talk at all in the original, besides saying his own name, "Whale"

*g* Yet another of the original's eyecatches was amusing, with Skullman and his creepy voice saying "Miyuki's navi is wild, isn't he?!" XD So sad these aren't in the dub.

Before Rockman and Magicman's match begins, shots of the World 3 and Enzan are shown. These scenes were normally silent, but in the dub it has Ribitta and Chaud commenting instead.

For some reason Rockman's elec-sword is left unglowified in the dub. So much for consistancy. It even happens again after Rockman is beaten down by Magicman's viruses, and he's leaning on his regular sword.

After Rockman hits Magicman with the program advance, Magicman's arms became sliced off, as did his upper body. In the dub, they instead add little sparks to his body, and Yahoot says "You're hit!", cutting out his actual injuries. .;;

Elecman's "Lightning Blast!" attack is changed to both "Electric Blaze!" and "Lightning Burst!"

Enzan and Blues' attack line "Beta Sword!" is changed to just simply "Program Advance!"

Woo....elec bits....:3

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P