Miracle Net Navis!
(The Solo Net Navis!)

Japanese Air Date: 6-24-02
American Air Date: 8-9-03

Character Introductions: Stoneman.exe, Bomberman.exe

It's Roll versus Iceman in the last match of the singles battles. As that battle closes out its time for the Tag Team matches! Netto is still trying to master the Program Advance, with no success. When the Tag Matches start, two guys in cloaks come and plug in, guess who!? Stoneman and Bomberman! And the sad part is that Gutsman and Woodman are their first victims...ahem.. opponents! Are the powerhouses that are Gutsman and Woodman able to beat these two navis?

Edits in the English Version:

Extra shots of the N1 Grand Prix dome are cut out in the very beggining of the episode.

In the original, Rockman didn't understand why Netto was walking around blindfolded. In the dub, Megaman actually encourages Lan instead, thinking it a "good idea".

Roll and Iceman did not originally say anything when they are plugged into the battle field.

Roll's "Heart Flash!" attack is cut out (just before Iceman's "Snow Crystal!")

Tohru's "Ice Block" chip is changed to "Cyber Ice"

Meiru's "Triple Lance" chip is changed to "Trident"

Tohru's "Blizzard" chip is changed to "Cyber Blizzard"

This is a feature found both in the original and the dub: This is the ONLY episode in which Bomberman's eyes are purple. In all other appearances, they turn to red instead.

Mahajarama's curry is changed to "stew"

In the original, Rockman couldn't perform the Program Advance while training because the area was too small. In the dub, he just thinks it's because "they can't do it".

Cyber plug-in sequence is added when Gutsman and Woodman are plugged in

Voice-overs are added to the 4 net navi's introductions

Dekao and Saloma's pre-battle talk is changed. Originally, Saloma tells Dekao she will take on Stoneman, while Dekao can tackle Bomberman.

Dekao's "Mega Guts Punch" is changed to "Super Guts Thump"

Wily mentions that Woodman and Gutsman's defeat brings him closer to the "final program". In the dub however, it's changed to the "ultimate net navi"

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P