Commander Beef's True Identity
(Commander Beef's True Identity)

Japanese Air Date: 7-1-02
American Air Date: 8-16-03

Netto finds out that his first team match is with Sharkman and Commander Beef! However they'll have tough competition, as their opponents are none other than the undefeatable Bomberman and Stoneman. Once the battle begins, Sharkman and Rockman are both transported away to an unknown location, where Netto and Commander Beef can't help them! Can these two find their precious Net Navi's in time to save them from being deleted?!

Edits in the English Version:

The title over Bomberman & Stoneman's profile pictures is changed from "Next Battle Tag Match" to "Stoneman & Blasterman" and "Megaman & Sharkman"

Mariko-sensei making two fish cookies kiss is cut out.

Commander Beef announcing Bomberman and Stoneman's arrival is moved to AFTER they arrive in the arena, instead of before.

Rockman firing his Rock Buster at the screen is replaced with stock footage from an earlier episode.

In the original, Netto and Commander Beef never mentioned the World Three, as they do in the dub when their navis dissappear.

The japanese kanji on Higure's rulebook is removed, and replaced with simply "N-1 Rulebook", though if you look carefully, you can still see the 900 yen price and kanji on the left side. :P

In the original, Sharkman sacrificed all of his hitpoints in order to have enough power to send Rockman back to the arena. In the dub, he claims the power comes from the Earthquake virus he stopped.

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