Secret Operation! World 3!
(Evil Empress Roll! Part 1)

Japanese Air Date: 7-8-02
American Air Date: 5-1-04

The next tag-team match is Rockman and Roll vs. a second chance team! Who will it be!? Sadly, Hinoken and Madoi sabotage the network, giving them the second chance to fight Rockman and Roll. While going to the arena, Higure gives Meiru a RARE Chip.. the Super Great White Angel Chip! No two exsist in the world, it preforms an exciting and elegant attack that will no doubt give a 100% chance of winning!

As Meiru and Netto go into battle, with AWESOME teamwork I might add, Hino and Madoi also provide some hard hitting attacks, forcing Meiru to use the Angel Chip. But after using it Roll is consumed by black energy and transforms! Complete with high heels, scary eyes, a whip and a very haughty laugh. Roll turns on Rockman and disowns Meiru as her operator! What's going on!? What kind of chip was that?!

Edits in the English Version:

The term "Consolation Match" is changed to "Lucky Loser Wildcard Match"

In the original, Higure was praying to the "electronic cyber god", thus the stick he was waving that resembles those used at temples. In the dub, Numberman just simply refers to it as a "banner".

When Madoi goes to "clean" the computer room, the guard calls her "oba-san", referring to an old lady. This was why Madoi became so upset and grabbed him. In the dub, she becomes angry because the guard will not let her in the room.

Likewise, in the original Madoi convinces the guard to let her in the room by telling him she has to return home to her sick father, daughter, 100 dogs, and 2000 cats as soon as possible. ^_^;; In the dub, she's simply worried that her boss will fire her.

The wide shot of Higure taking a leak in the bathroom is cut out.

After Higure is kidnapped, a shot of Numberman being knocked out cold is cut out.

When Meiru tells Netto it's time for their match, he ignores her and tells Rockman they're going to practice the Program Advance one more time. This is why Meiru is dragging him to the match by his ear. ^_^; This scene made no sense in the dub, since Lan just replies "They're going down", referring to his opponents.

When Meiru is dragging Netto to their match, Dekao mentions that he's jealous of Netto for getting paired up with Meiru. In the dub, he says the exact opposite ("Woah, glad I'm not -her- partner").

Surprisingly, the "Super Great White Angel Chip" kepts its original name in the dub.

In the original eyecatch, you hear Roll saying "I'll show you the true me!" in the background, hinting at things yet to come.

Originally, Elec Hakushaku is plugging in Roll, with the hilarious line "Plug in, Roll! Transmission! Bleep bleep!" XD The fact that Meiru reacts to it makes more sense this way. In the dub, he just announces the third stage of Yahoot's plan (how did it get to be Yahoot's plan, anyways?)

Rockman and Roll's combined attack "Typhoon Big Rotating Cut" is changed to "Typhoon Super Revolving Slicer".

Masa-san's fishy sack of "Niboshi" (dried sardines) is changed to "Pancake Mix".

After Roll transforms, during the pan up shot of her body, closeups of her feet and eyes are cut out.

When Meiru calls Roll by her name, she retorts that she may only be called "Roll-sama" from now on (-sama refers to someone of very high status). In the dub, she simply changes her name to "Empress".

After Roll-sama electricutes Rockman with her whip, she laughs haughtingly then rapidly attacks him again with a series of whiplashes. This scene was cut out of the dub.

Fireman's "Burner Bomb" attack is changed to "Burner Blast".

At the very end, Roll-sama's sword is left -unglowified-, meaning it was not censored like the usual swords in the dub. I find it amusing they did not fuzz out a real sword, yet they'll censor Rockman's battle chip swords. >_>

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P