Horror! Devil Chip!
(Evil Empress Roll! Part 2)

Japanese Air Date: 7-15-02
American Air Date: 5-3-04

Believe it or not, Roll has turned on Rockman and its the fault of that "Super Great White Angel Chip"! Unfortunately, Rockman can't attack either Fireman or Coloredman, because Roll is acting as a shield for them. Netto and Rockman both refuse to attack Roll, while Meiru tries to get her to come back to her senses.

Yaito and the others decide to find Higure-san and find out how to disable the chip, but instead they find out it was Mahajorama disguised as Higure! Glyde tells Yaito that there's a strong electomagnetic signal coming from outside, so they go to investigate. Who else do they find but Elec Hakushaku up to no good! Can Yaito and company stop what's making Roll evil or is "Roll-sama" going to literally whip Rockman to deletion?

Edits in the English Version:

Netto originally went over the past events of the last episode with a short collage of clips. In the dub, they show various scenes from the past episode, with characters voicing their own parts. In some cases, their original lines from the last episode were even changed.

A backside shot of Roll is cut out as she faces Rockman, just before Kero (Ribitta) comes in.

In the original, the "Super Great White Angel Chip" was actually called the "Akuma Chip", with the japanese word akuma meaning "Devil", or "Demon". In the dub, it is called the "Twisted Chip".

For some very strange reason, a LOT of the character's faces or poses were completely redrawn in this episode. The first instance is when Mariko-sensei faints, and Masa-san becomes worried. In the dub version, he instead has an angry expression. The second instance is when the kids are contemplating about Higure, and they decide it's the chip that turned Roll evil. Tohru's head is completely redrawn. Dekao's facial expression is also altered to make him look more upset. This is the first time I've ever seen something like this done to the dub version.

When Rockman is slammed down by Coloredman's ball, a second bash onto his back is cut out.

A shot of the outside of the closet in which the real Higure is locked up in is cut out.

Again, when Mahajarama takes off his Higure mask; Yaito, Tohru and Dekao are completely redrawn from head to toe! Which isn't neccessarily a bad thing...their original versions were done very poorly. I guess the previous animators were unhappy with their previous job, so they went back and redid the few scenes. This may have been true for the DVD release of Rockman.exe, and not necessarily for the dub specifically.

A shot of Glyde bowing while offering to help find the electromagnetic signal that is controlling Roll is cut out.

Animation Edit: Netto and Meiru are completely redrawn when Netto pulls a battle chip out of his pocket.

Animation Edit: Saloma and Miyuki's scene is almost completely reanimated differently. This is one case however where I prefer the original over the new version. Miyuki was much more expressional in her original scene, whereas in the new one she stares forward the entire time.

Animation Edit: After Hinoken and Madoi begin fighting again, Kero (Ribitta)'s scene is completely redone.

A backside shot of Roll holding Rockman up by his helmet is cut out.

Animation Edit: When Roll is pretending to turn back to good, and we see Netto and Meiru's reactions, they are again completely redrawn (which in this case is a good thing, as they were hideous before).

Roll backhanding Rockman across the face is cut out.

After Roll slaps Rockman, a scene of her advancing on him then stomping him in the chest with her foot is cut out. Likewise, when Elec Hakashaku instructs her to delete him while he is in his hot air ballon, further shots of her smothering him with her high-heeled boot are cut out. The shot then pans out, and shows Fireman getting ready to fire. The plan was that Fireman was going to delete both Roll and Rockman while she held him pinned under her boot. This was also cut from the dub.

Animation Edit: When Meiru explains to the real Higure about the chip, she is redrawn with her facing the PET screen towards him. In the original, we could only see the back of the PET, and she pointed to it. It's kind of funny, after Higure explains what the chip is, and the camera goes back to Meiru, it goes back to the original animation instead of the new one.

Originally, the effects of the Devil Chip could be cancelled out by slotting in a new chip. In the dub, Higsby specifically says it must be the "Cyclone Chip"

Poor Shiningman...his song is cut very short in the dub. ^_^; But at least he still does sing! Yay, Shiningman~! *waves banners*

Blues firing his M-Cannon at the screen is cut out.

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P