Spontanious Happenings in the Subway!
(Subway Scramble!)

Japanese Air Date: 3-11-02
American Air Date: 5-24-03

Character Introductions: Saloma, Miyuki Kuroi, Count Elec & Elecman.exe

In this episode Elecman is causing an electrical surge to go rampant through the city....though it doesn't seem like much until Dekao gets attacked by his little robot kitty (arent those low-tech compared to PETs? ^_^;). Netto and Meiru pay him a visit in the hospital, only to laugh out loud at where he was bitten!

Meiru and Netto also pay a visit to a little fortune-teller shop where Netto gets a strange fortune about "water". Then as Netto and Meiru are returning home on the subway, the train goes out of control! Count Elec and Elecman make their debut to the World 3 crime scene, and won't stop until someone else pulls their plug!

Ryouko's note: To this very day, over 2 years after the series began, Elecman.exe is STILL my most favourite character ever. Maybe it's the evil red eyes? XD Nah, he's just adorable.

Edits in the English Version:

World 3 cronies no longer say "Delete" as their signature departure phrase.

Mariko-sensei never asks Miyuki about the "man of her dreams"

Elecman's "Lightning Blast!" attack was changed to "Electric Blaze!"

While Rockman's sword was blurred due to censoring, Elecman's sword for some reason was not (lazy editing?)

When Masa visits Dekao in the hospital, his line "...while Netto's on a date with Meiru" is changed to "How about some canned tuna?"

Elecman speaks while electrical disurbances are happening across the city (normally silent)

The full body shot of Rockman after he enters the subway train's computer is cut out.

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P