Yaito-chan! Close call!
(There's No "I" in Team! Part 1)

Japanese Air Date: 7-22-02
American Air Date: (Only Aired in Canada)

The next match battle in the tournament is the series dreamteam, Rockman and Blues! But their opponents are the fierce Bomberman and Stoneman. Before the match, Enzan once again insults Yaito, her shiny forehead, and her dad's company. Yaito can't take it anymore and drives off to a resturant to drink away her sorrows with Strawberry Milk. While she is there, she spots Enzan conferencing with a pretty blonde and spys on them until Enzan leaves. Afraid of being caught spying, she runs into an elevator only to have Enzan come in after her!

Enzan spots her in the corner, and they have a small chat, until suddenly the elevator breaks down and stops dead! Meanwhile, Netto and Rockman again try to perfect the Beta Sword Program Advance....and it seems they might have it this time! Blues informs "Enzan-sama" that he only has 20 minutes to make it to his match with Rockman. If Enzan doesn't reach the Arena by the time the battle starts, he is disqualified and Rockman fights ALONE. Can he make it in time?!

Ryouko's Note: Finally we get to see Enzan show a bit of human emotion. The scene in the elevator shaft between him and Yaito is very, very cute. Definately one of my favourites. :)

Edits in the English Version:

In the original, the Rockman and Blues pair-up team was referred to as the "BR Whirlwind"

When Yaito drives away in her yellow car, the backside of it has her name printed on it. In the dub, her original name "Yaito" is left intact.

A wideshot of Yaito sitting at the bar with dozens of empty glasses on the counter is cut out. Glyde is yelling at her from the PET that she'll get a stomachache if she keeps drinking so much.

A backside shot of Meiru watching Netto train with the Program Advance is cut out.

In the dub, Chaud's contract was worth a few million dollars. In the original, it was 400,000,000yen, which roughly translates to $4 million.

When the Strawberry Milk hits Yaito in the elevator, a pan up shot of her knees shaking is cut out.

During the elevator shaft scene, Enzan asks Yaito if she's going to go back, or continue with him. When she agree to continue, he tells her to open her eyes, and she sees him beside her. In the dub, he asks her if she's scared, then he admits to being afraid all the time, which is completely out of character.

During Rockman's second attempt of the Program Advance, the swords are left uncensored. He also does not name the Program Advance in the dub, which is Beta Sword.

A shot of the girl's restroom sign back at the hotel where Yaito is still at is cut out.

When Glyde opens up the e-mail from Enzan, a list of e-mails received are shown. Among the names are: Tohru (twice), Enzan, Meiru (three times), and Mariko-sensei. Then it highlights and selects Enzan's name, and displays his message in Japanese text. In the dub, the list is edited to only display the word "Message", then just cuts to Yaito verbally reading the message.

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P