Ultimate Tag BR Whirlwind!
(There's No "I" in Team! Part 2)

Japanese Air Date: 7-29-02
American Air Date: 5-4-04

Blues and Rockman finally get the chance to battle Stoneman and Bombman 2 on 2! Enzan warns Netto to stay out of his way, or Rockman may accidently get deleted. However Netto doesn't back down, and throws himself and Rockman into the battle headfirst. Unfortunately, Blues decides to just stand by and watch while Rockman is overwhelmed as he fights alone.

After awhile, Blues decides he's had enough and takes out Rockman himself, casting him aside unconscience. Blues and Enzan prove to be an equal match for the undefeatable Navi's, but eventually their power begins to wear down. When Blues appears in trouble, Rockman comes back and saves him!

Unfortunately, Stoneman retaliates and buries Rockman under an incredible amount of rubble, and suddenly Rockman's signal is no longer responding! Can the ultimate tag team pull through and cooperate, or is Rockman out for good?

Ryouko's Note: This episode was completely HACKED in the KidsWB airing. (They shoved episodes 20 and 21 together, slicing out huge chunks from both. Unfortunately I do not have the Canadian version of this episode). I will do the edits when it comes out on DVD.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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