The Final Battle's End
(That Sinking Feeling!)

Japanese Air Date: 8-5-02
American Air Date: 5-5-04

After defeating Bomberman and Stoneman, Blues and Rockman are left to face each other in the championship. Who will be classified as the world's strongest Net Navi?

Netto and Rockman share a moment together before the big battle, and all his friends remind him that he has their full support and friendship to guide him. Yaito goes to Enzan to tell him that he's going to lose, but that he will still have one fan cheering for him from the stands. ^_-

As soon as the battle starts, Rockman and Blues are matching each other's attacks strike for strike. Enzan realizes that Netto and Rockman have become a lot stronger, but refuses to give up and let them win. As the battle wanes on, each battler decides to give it all they've got in one final program advance.

What will happen when the two huge attacks clash together? Wily has a secret up his sleeve, and watches as the battle commences in anticipation. The ending of this episode will not fail to shock you.

Edits in the English Version:

Enzan and Blues' pre-battle scene was originally before Netto's friends wish him good luck. In the dub, it is switched to after.

Enzan and Blues' winning chance is changed from 97.4% to 97%.

As Enzan is leaving his trailor before the battle, Yaito approaches him then yells that he's going to lose, but then quietly tells him that she will give him a little cheer. This scene was entirely cut out in the dub. It's too bad, because this is the first time we actually get to see Enzan genuinely smile (he only seems to do so because of Yaito).

During Rockman and Netto's scene in the sunset, Netto tells Rockman "Thank you....for being my Net Navi." This is why Rockman gets all teary eyed. In the dub, he just excited that he and Lan are "in synch" with each other.

Right when the battle begins, shots of Rockman firing his buster, and Blues dodging his shots are cut out.

Blues' Aqua Sword is left completely uncensored, likewise later on so is Blues' Flame Sword and Rockman's Elec Sword.

Pharoahman originally did not speak one word until the very end of the episode, whereas in the dub he speaks in his very first scene.

When Rockman dodges Blues' Aqua Sword attack, Enzan says it's impossible due to his calculations. Netto responds that he doesn't like math anyways, which is why Mariko-sensei becomes upset. In the dub, Ms. Mari becomes upset at Lan teasing for Chaud about his white hair.

As the Mega-Float Dome is collapsing, shots of men fighting fires with fire extinguishers is cut out.

Overhead shot of people evacuating the Mega-Float is cut out.

Shot of Blues slicing Rockman's face with his sword is cut out.

During the pans across Enzan when he's contemplating how Netto could possibly be still battling, the first pan shot is cut out in the dub (in the original, it goes from the upper torso shot of enzan, to a closeup of his face, then finally his eyes).

A shot of the ceiling debris slicing Netto's face is cut out (though you can still see the cut for a brief moment).

In the original, Rockman did not say a word before he collapsed at the end of the battle. In the dub, he says "You win.."

The end battle countdown is changed from 10 seconds to 5 instead.

Higure's sobbing scene is shortened, him wringing out his sopping towel is cut out.

Rockman's final words are changed from "Ne..Netto-ku...n..." to "De...le...tion..."

The words on Netto's PET are changed from "Delete" to "Deleted" (as well as the text changed from purple to yellow)

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