King of Devastation, Pharoahman
(Pharaohman Reborn!)

Japanese Air Date: 8-12-02
American Air Date: 5-6-04

20 years ago a powerful Net Navi was created, but it became infected with a virus and had to be sealed away. Unfortunately, the large energy blast caused by the clash of Rockman and Blues' Program Advances, destroyed the seal and the ulimate Navi known as Pharoahman was released! His first target became the Navi that the World 3 had countlessly failed to destroy, Rockman.

Everyone is stunned after Rockman is deleted, while Netto tries to pretend that nothing has happened. Enzan tells Netto that because of him, he finally realized that a Net Navi was something more than a program, but a true friend.

Pharoahman has begun his reign of destruction, while Wily devises a plan to capture him and use him for his own evil purposes. Meanwhile, somehow Rockman's deleted data has appeared on all of Netto's friends PETs! Can Rockman truely be revived?!

Edits in the English Version:

In the dub, they mention that Netto's grandfather, "Dr. Hikari", has retired. In the original, we have no idea as to what the current status of Tadashi Hikari is (ie: alive, dead, retired, etc).

It is not mentioned in the dub that the copy Stoneman and Bomberman navi's cannot speak, only the two original ones can.

During the World 3's conversation, they actually become worried for Netto's well being, after having lost Rockman in the last battle. In the dub, they're just expressing their anger at Wily for discluding them in his plans to capture Pharaohman.

Shot of Netto's mother humming while she is washing dishes is cut out (she was also humming the opening theme)

Fuzzy white edges are added to all of the flashbacks in this episode.

Just a funny note to add, when Netto goes to sleep, his bed sheets are orange (footage is reused from episode 1 in both the original and the dub). However when he wakes up, his sheets are suddenly a purple plaid. XD

A shot of Glyde electricuting himself on the data ring in Yaito's PET is cut out.

In the original, Rockman only spoke Netto's name from the symbol right when Netto woke up, and after the data rings were assembled together. In the dub, Megaman speaks at almost every shot of Lan's PET.

A pan up shot and closeup of Enzan on the phone is cut out.

In the original, Pharaohman went to the SciLabs to retrieve his memory data that had been locked away. Without it, he is not complete. In the dub, he goes to the SciLabs to gain complete control of the network.

Pharaohman was originally locked away because he became infected with a virus. In the dub, they say the reason was because Pharaohman become corrupt due to the immense amount of power he held.

Surprisingly enough, the attack of locusts was kept in. I figured they would cut it out due to religious references...

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P