Rockman Revival Strategy!
(Rebuilding Megaman!)

Japanese Air Date: 8-19-02
American Air Date: 5-7-04

Netto's father returns home to help them all revive Rockman! Netto and the others all combine Rockman's data into one single program, which begins to call out to Netto. Netto's father then tells him that in order for Rockman to be fully revived, they need to find his frame, which is located in the Science Labs where he was originally created.

Unfortunately, Pharoahman has seized control of the Science Labs and all its networks! Netto's father decides to help devise a plan to break into the Lab's network, with the help of everyone and their Net Navi's.

Meanwhile, Wily sets out an army of multiple Stonemans and Bombermans to capture Pharoahman. Will he succeed?

Edits in the English Version:

Yuuichirou's 3rd component needed to rescue Rockman was Haruka's Meat Spaghetti. ^_^ The dub remains pretty close to this, changing it just a bit to Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.

Wily's army was called "Bomber-Stone Army". In the dub, he just refers to them as clones.

The Japanese writing beside the words "Chip Shop" on Higure's sign are censored out.

Commander Beef originally visited Higure because he knew how to access the "Dark Net", a very secret area in the net. In the dub, Commander Beef just wants Higure to hack into the SciLab's network.

Just of amusing note, the 3 rare battle chips that are given to Higure in exhange for his help are: Popup (Rush), Dream Virus, and Quake.

While in the van on the way to the SciLabs, Netto originally asked his father why Rockman's data appeared on their PETs. Yuuichirou responds that Netto's strong heart could lead to a miracle in reviving Rockman, especially with his friends by his side. In the dub, Netto instead asks why Pharoahman is invading SciLabs.

The little dog is indeed named Rush, in both the original and the dub. In the english games, this guy is renamed as "Popup". Rush remains in the Rockman.exe series well into the current episodes of Axess! ^_^

In the original, Gutsman dislikes Rush because Roll gives the little dog her affections, thus making him jealous. In the dub, it's the opposite, in which Gutsman actually likes Rush instead.

In the dub, as the navis trek their way to the desert, Gutsman keeps asking "Are we there yet?", thus annoying everyone else in the group. While this was not in the original, I still found it rather amusing anyways. :P

Rockman originally would not wake up because the last machine in the labs must have cut off. In the dub, Dr. Hikari states it's because Rockman's frame has to "defragment" first, like a computer.

Pixelation effects are added to Gutsman as he's crushed by the boulder he was holding to protect Roll.

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P