Bizarre! Mystery of the Ghost Ship!

Japanese Air Date: 9-2-02
American Air Date: skipped in airing

Season 1 has officially ended, and Season 2 begins. :) Rockman has been fully revived, and reunited with Netto! Pharoahman has also been destroyed, thanks to both Blues and Rockman, who finally cooperated together in battle. Netto recieves a free trip around the world as his prize for coming in second place at the N1 Grand Prix!

Netto's first stop is the beautiful Southern Islands (Jawaii!), and Yaito decides to bring everyone over there to keep him company. While playing out on a raft in the sea, Masa-san and Tohru are suddenly kidnapped by a creepy ghost ship! The others gang together and swallow their fear as they track down the ship and go to rescue their friends. Will they be in time?!

Ryouko's Note: We learn in this episode that Rockman is very, very afraid of ghosts! This is the only time you see it in the original EXE series, but they actually bring it up much more often in the Rockman.exe Axess series.

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