Rockman Stolen!
(Megaman Stolen)

Japanese Air Date: 9-16-02
American Air Date: 8-15-04

Character Introductions: Raoul, Thunderman.exe

Netto's second stop on his World Tour is the giant city of Amerope! As soon as he arrives, he's confronted by a man who drags him off to a big celebration. It turns out that a giant crowd has gathered to see Enzan, the winner of the Grand Prix Tournament. However Enzan blows off the invitation, and Netto is put in as a replacement (much to the dismay of Enzan's fangirls. ^_^;)

After the celebration ends, Netto suddenly discovers that his bag has been stolen! And what's worse, Rockman was inside! When Netto flees to the slum downtown area to recover his precious Net Navi, he meets up with the leader of downtown, Raoul. After being reunited with Rockman, Raoul informs him that the Mayor of the city has been trying to destroy the downtown area, to get rid of all the "filth". Netto decides to team up with Raoul and Thunderman in order to protect the citizens of downtown, but will they be too late?

Ryouko's Note: As far as NT Warrior goes, this is the first episode they show after the first series' ending, since both episodes 26 and 27 were cut from airing. Unless of course you watch the KidsWB version, then they skip right ahead to episode 32 instead. This may leave fans confused as to what's going on in the plot, and it cuts out Rockman and Netto's cute reunion scene in episode 26.

Edits in the English Version:

Rockman originally woke Netto up on the plane by telling him he was in class. Netto then wakes up, yelling "Gomen nasai, Mariko-sensei!" In the dub, Megaman tells Lan that his underpants are on fire.

The city of Ameroupe is changed to Netopia.

The city which Netto visits in Ameroupe is called Heaven's City. In the dub, it is simply Netopia.

Rockman wanted to leave the ceremony because Enzan had warned them about the Mayor. He tells Netto that he's just being used for propaganda. In the dub, Megaman just wants to leave to go net battling.

In the dub, while the Mayor's assistant is listing his events for the day, he mentions a meeting with Princess Pride of Brightland. In the original, Princess Pride is from Creamland.

Hinoken's speedo is changed to swimming trunks in the dub. ^_^;; Figured that would happen. Likewise, the fact that everyone is in Jawaii makes no sense, since they skipped their arrival in episode 26. Jawaii was Netto's first stop on his award trip around the world. During Netto's trip, Hinoken is always one step behind in finding him. ^_^;;

The kids originally stole Rockman because they wanted to find out who had tampered with the election ballets. In the dub, they just stole him because they wanted to.

The Mayor wanted Downtown cleaned out because he wants to build an Amusement Park there, to attract more tourists to his city. In the dub, he wants to eradicate Downtown because the people there do not respect him.

Thunderman's attack was not named in the original. However in the dub, it's entitled "Wrath of Thunder"

Shot of Cloudy viruses is cut out.

Closeup shot of Rockman pointing his buster at the screen as he stands next to Thunderman is cut out.

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