Trap of the Poisonous Snake Lady!
(SnakeMan's Survival Seven)

Japanese Air Date: 9-23-02
American Air Date: 8-22-04

Character Introductions: Ms. Millionare, Snakeman.exe

Netto's next destination is Brand City! While shopping in the area, Rockman spots a green bag and remembers that "Mama" had mentioned she had wanted one just like it (it's so cute that Rockman calls Haruka "Mama" like Netto. ^_^). After Netto goes into the store, he becomes devastated when he realizes the bag costs 200,000 yen! (Roughly $2,000).

Suddenly a strange man comes up behind Netto in the store, and whispers to him that a secret Net Battling game is being held, where the prize is anything that you desire! Being as naive as he is, Netto heads straight to the secret lair where he and Rockman enter the contest. Unfortunately, the contest is being run by Ms. Millionare, who is using the contest as a guise to capture Net Navis for her museum once she gets tired of watching them Net Battle. Will Rockman be able to escape from this fatal game?

Ryouko's Note: Enzan and Blues return for this episode. :) It's nice to see Enzan go out of his way to help Netto and Rockman out of a jam, finally Enzan is letting his stone-cold exterior slack off.

Edits in the English Version:

A shot of Ms. Millionare's servant pouring her a glass of wine is cut out.

The shop where Netto finds a bag for Momma was originally called L.Ganel. In the dub, it's renamed La Glassy.

The green bag that Netto picks out had a price tag of 200,000yen. In the dub, it's changed to about the same amount of $2,000.

Just an amusing note, during Hinoken's scene he finally arrives in Ameroupe (Netopia). In the dub, he actually calls it "Heaven's City", which was the original name of the town, but it was never mentioned in the previous episode of the dub, only in the original.

When all the Rabbi viruses destroy themselves by accident, somehow Netto's line "Yay! They just suicided!" is so much funnier than Lan's "Pretty good, Megaman!" XD Sorry, just one of my favourite Netto lines. :P

Rockman firing at the screen after being attacked by the Yo-Yo navi, as well as nearly being sliced by the Ninja's kunai are cut out.

Ms. Millionare's red wine is recolored to look like water.

Ms. Millionare watching Rockman constantly firing at the screen on her moniter is cut out.

Rockman being rapidly shot at in the back as he's on the ground is cut out.

In the original, Ms. Millionare sent the green bag that Netto wanted directly to his mother. In the dub, Lan's father got her the bag instead.

Hinoken's final scene where he is roasting sausages in an attempt to earn more money, and being badgered by the three kids from Ameroupe is completely cut out.

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