Signal Panic!
(Traffic Signal Chaos)

Japanese Air Date: 3-18-02
American Air Date: 5-31-03

Character Introductions: Yaito Ayano-Kouji, Glyde.exe, Madoi, Coloredman.exe

A new student arrives at Netto and the others school. She's small, she's 6 years old, she's rich, seriously cute and has a shiny forehead XD. Its Yaito! As the day progresses everyone has their eyes on Yaito as she does everything from getting answers right in class, to having extravegant lunches and the best Strawberry Milk money can buy.

Netto and Dekao decide to go see Yaito at her house by breaking in (yeah thats smart) only to be caught by her elite security system and thrown out.

Later the traffic lights in the city have gone berserk! Coloredman is causing chaos and panic, and Yaito gets caught in the traffic and has the urge to use the bathroom! Can Netto stop the World 3, and will Yaito be able to find a bathroom in time?!

Ryouko's note: Many have asked me where exactly Glyde comes from in the original Rockman universe. It turns out, just like Yaito, they are both characters from the Rockman Dash / Megaman Legends games. ^_^ Glyde was actually a very, very handsome robot!

Edits in the English Version:

Gabcom is changed to Ayano Tech

Yaito Ayano-Kouji is changed to Yai Ayano

Glyde says he is equipped with lasers, when he is actually not even a Net Battling Navi

Masa-san's scene is cut out

Dialouge is added to Madoi's entrance (normally silent)

Metools are changed to Met Guards

Coloredman is changed to Wackoman

Coloredman's signature move "Tama!" no longer has a name

Rockbuster simply becomes "Blaster"

Dekao tells Netto that his parents took away his PET, even though it is hanging around his neck. >.<

Yaito telling kids to wash their hands at the very end of the episode, as well as Glyde's comments are cut

Bunch of stupid chatter added to classroom scenes

Rockman pointing his buster at Coloredman is cut out

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P