Elec Mama's Energized Plan!
(Don't Mess With Mama Zap!)

Japanese Air Date: 9-30-02
American Air Date: 11-30-04

After the World 3's destruction, Count Elec finds himself delusional and with absolutely no self motivation. Thinking of himself as a complete failure, he mindlessly wanders the streets in a drunken stupor.

As he wanders back to his old home, he's confronted by his very, very scary mother, Elec Mama! With a little bit of "persuasion", she devises a plan for Elec to have a rematch with Netto and Rockman, who defeated him not once, but twice.

A severe thunderstorm causes the bus that Netto is travelling on to suddenly stop working, coincidentally right in front of Elec's mansion. Netto decides to leave the bus and go to the huge house to see if he can borrow a phone to call for help. After finding no one at home, he wanders inside until he's locked in a room alone with Count Elec! He challanges Netto to a fight, which he gladly accepts. Will Count Elec be able to regain his pride, and make his mother proud?!

Ryouko's Note: This is one of those episodes that we like to call "on crack". >.>; The ending is somewhat confusing. Was it real, or was it all a hallucination? It's hard to say...

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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