A Splendid Curry Battle!
(The Great Curry Battle)

Japanese Air Date: 10-7-02
American Air Date: 12-1-04

Netto's final destination on his World Tour, is the famous curry city of Namaste! Netto's guide offers to take him on an "All-You-Can-Eat" Curry tour, where he can sample 88 of varieties of Curry!

Mahajarama has been secretely gathering the old members of the World 3 at his own curry resturaunt in Namaste. They decide to join together, and decide to defeat Netto and Rockman once and for all by using teamwork. Mahajarama builds a giant machine that creates a curry dish depending on how well they are working together. Their first test trial provided a curry that was not even edible. ^_^; Netto's last stop on his curry adventure, is Mahajarama's resturaunt. Will he be able to stand up to the challenge of all the World 3 combined?

Ryouko's Note: For those of you who are Iron Chef fans, you will get a big kick out of this episode. ;) There are many many puns.

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