Internet City!

Japanese Air Date: 10-14-02
American Air Date: 5-15-04

Character Introductions: Arashi, Airman.exe, Toadman.exe, Forte.exe, Shuryou Gospel

Netto has finally returned home! Meiru comes over to his house early in the morning, waking him up much to his displeasure. She has a reason to be energetic though, for the new Internet City has been opened! Meiru plug-in's Rockman so that Roll can show him around the new city made especially for Net Navis.

While wandering Net City, Rockman and Roll find many things to do, including watching Aki-chan's special concert, seeing a net battle in the new colleseum, and enjoying the views from the skyscrapers! At an off moment, Rockman suddenly catches glimpse of a strange Navi standing alone on a ledge. Before he can identify him, the Navi quickly dissappears into the distance.

A short while after, Glyde suddenly alerts Rockman and Roll that something terrible has happened to Yaito! Everyone rushes over to her mansion to see what's the matter, and find her trapped in the bathroom which is filled with gas! Is this the end of the daughter of Gabcom?!

Ryouko's Note: Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr *deep breath* tttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *fangirl squeal*

Edits in the English Version:

Internet City is changed to simply Net City.

Rockman and Roll's trip through the network to get to Internet City is cut short.

Just an interesting side note, if you look at the viewing screens once they arrive in Net City, one of them has a chibi Elecman on it. ^_^ The other features Metool viruses, while the very top screen has a cartoon character. ^_^

When Aki-chan appears on screen, Megaman acts like he already knows who she is. In the dub, this makes no sense, since her introductory episode (#27) was cut out from US airing. In the cut episode, Rockman saved her when she got infected by a virus.

Dekao was originally upset because the fitness navi told Gutsman that he was fat, and needed to go on a diet. Dekao believed this to be the reason that Gutsman was so slow in battle. In the dub, Dex orders Gutsman to excersize more before they go Net Battle again.

Yaito originally had Glyde order her a limosine in the color of pink. In the dub, it is changed to "rainbow colored".

Aki-chan's pop idol song, "Install Your Heart!" is completely changed to something different in the dub........something absolutely hideously different. The dub singer CANNOT sing. x_o; *twitch*

Extra shots of Aki-chan singing on screens across Internet City are cut out.

The kanji writing on Higure's Chip Shop sign is removed, as well as the words "Higureya". They are instead changed to "Chip Shop" and "Closed", which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Gospel is changed to Grave.

Panned back shot of Forte standing and dropping off the edge of the ledge is cut out, as well as the side profile close up of when he begins to fall.

Yaito was trapped in a room full of harmful gas. In the dub, it is changed to hot steam.

Forte/Bass originally DID NOT SPEAK in his second scene. I don't know why they make him talk in the dub. In fact, Forte only has a very few amount of lines in the entire series. Not only that, but his dub voice sounds like a girl. Poor poor Forte.

Dub Airman just isn't the same without his duck sound effects like his Japanese counterpart. :P

The gas in Yaito's bathroom is changed from yellow to grey in the dub, to look like steam.

In the original, Yaito taunted Netto that he didn't get to see a 'gorgeous nude her', since Meiru saved her from the bathroom. ^_^; In the dub, Yai just says that she would have died from embarassment from being seen in a towel.

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