Crush the Virus Factory!
(The Virus Factory)

Japanese Air Date: 10-21-02
American Air Date: 5-22-04

Character Introductions: Shadowman.exe

It has suddenly begun to rain in Net City, and viruses begin destorying everything in sight! Also, poor Aki-chan is held prisoner inside the city, and is in danger of being deleted. Netto and the gang decide to use Higure's access to Net City through his shop in order to get their Navis in there to help, but they'll be restricted to using their default weapons only, since only Net Battler Officials are allowed to use battle chips inside the city!

Also, a new foe appears before Rockman, an assassin by the name of Shadowman. Who sent him, though?! Shuryou Gospel also makes his introductions to the world, and threatens them with a reign of terror, equal to something much more terrorfying than the World 3 ever dreamed of.

Ryouko's note: The KidsWB version is somewhat different from the original dubbed version, which was aired in Canada (my edits are based on the Canadian version, btw). Since the KidsWB cut out the entire episode of "Crimson Flash!", they shoved in clips from it in this episode (basically ALL of the World 3 and Freezeman scenes).

In order to shove these in, the KidsWB cut out even more scenes from the original episode 33 because of time limits. I'm not even going to waste my time in listing every single one, but most notably EVERY scene involving Aki-chan was erased. Do yourself a favor and just watch the original japanese version.

Edits in the English Version:

Miyuki's Net Agent name "MiyuMiyu" is changed to "Mysteriyu"

For some odd reason the japanese writing on Higure's "Chip Shop" is removed....but not on the sign that hangs on the door. ^_^;;

Glyde forming his default weapon (Glyde Cannon) on his arm, then firing is cut out. Instead it just jumps right to the viruses exploding. O_o

Again, Forte's scene was originally completely silent. Why the dub keeps making him talk is beyond me.

Rockman firing his buster at the screen while flying on Glyde's back is cut out.

Miyuki's battle chip "Onibi" (Giant's Flame) is changed to "Ghost Fire".

Fireman pointing his cannon at the screen, then torching a Dropdown virus in the sewers is cut out. Funnily enough though, they kept Fireman threatening Rockman with that same cannon in.

Shadowman fails to mention that he is an assassin for hire in the dub. Not only that, but his Muramasa sword is glowified to light saber proportions. Shadowman, the jedi ninja!

An ENTIRE scene of Shadowman multiplying himself, then surrounding Rockman and slicing him repeatadly with his sword is cut out.

Shadowman hacking away at Sharkman with his sword is cut out.

In the original, Netto is granted a Battle Chip License so that he can use chips in Internet City. In the dub, Sharkman makes it look like he is giving Megaman HIS lisence instead.

Rockman punching Shadowman directly in the face with the Gold Fist is censored out by a bright light.

Rockman deflecting Shadowman's giant shurikan attack with the Dream Aura is cut out.

Elec Brother style change is changed to Elec Team.

Shuryou is changed to "Kid Grave"

Just a funny dub note, Cutman is most obviously played by voice actor favourite, Scott McNeil, who also plays Gutsman. Cutman actually sounds like one of Scott's original roles in the old 90's Megaman cartoon, in which he played Protoman.

Episode summaries for Season 2 were written and edited by myself. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P