Great Confusion in Electronic Money!
(Electronic Money Panic)

Japanese Air Date: 10-28-02
American Air Date: 6-26-04

Character Introductions: Magnets Gauss, Magnetman.EXE

It seems Mr. Higure is in the poor house now as he's forced to close down his Chip Shop, until he is introduced by a strange man named Magnets Gauss, who gives him a offer he can't refuse. As soon as you know it Higure is back in business and is living the wealthy life. Living high in a skyscraper and running his own business, it's a fortune in his pockets that keeps building and building. But to Netto and his pals, this is strangely bizzare.

Now even the weird part about it is Yaito's company, Cabcom is losing money fast, as well with Enzan's corporation and other corporations in Densan City! Things are getting weirder and weirder. How is Higure getting all of this Zenny? and why are other busineses losing cash fast? All and all it seems Netto and Rockman are going to be set up to the task to solve this mystery!

Ryouko note: keke, we get to see Enzan go out of his way to help out Yaito in this episode. It's so funny that she so often makes him smile. ;P

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