Zero Seconds Before the Breaking of the Dam!
(Countdown to Catastrophe!)

Japanese Air Date: 11-4-02
American Air Date: 8-8-04

Character Introductions: Daisuke Hayami, Quickman.exe & Cutman.exe

Saloma volunteers to take Netto and his friends on a trip into Okuden Forest to take a break and live in the peace of the wilderness. The group soon meets up with a fellow nature lover by the name of Daisuke, who happens to be a childhood friend of Saloma's.

The group enjoys the day and explores the wonders of nature (including a few irresponsible mishaps concerning Netto). Meanwhile, Saloma looks back on a recent Net Agent meeting about a hacker who hacked into the Densan Waterworks and is now plotting for his next attack here in Okuden.

After dark, the group rests inside a lodge. Saloma wakes up to find Daisuke suddenly missing. Where did Daisuke run off to? Could he be the hacker that Saloma is after?

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