Turn Densan City to the South Pole Plan!
(DenTech City's Deep Freeze)

Japanese Air Date: 11-11-02
American Air Date: 6-5-04

Character Introductions: Meijin Eguchi, Freezeman.exe & Heatman.exe

It's hot down in Densan City, but luck would have it a new type of personal cooler has been released! In the shape of a penguin, it is called "Penguin Personal Cooler" and it's becoming the latest fad in town! As Netto and his friends are heading to Yaito's mansion to go swimming, all of a sudden the city turns into a bizzard storm and Netto's friends are one by one being turned into ice cubes! Meanwhile on the net, a new navi appears and begins freezing up Net City as well as every navi in sight!

As Netto and Rockman seem to be the only ones left, they must battle through the harsh elements and get behind the cause of this wintery blast!

Ryouko's Note: Yay, it's Mr. Famous! Meijin Eguchi is one of my more favourite characters, I'm very excited to see him enter the anime. ^_^ Much like his role in the games, he's a genious Navi programmer who helps out those in need.

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