Crimson Flash!
(Crimson Flash!)

Japanese Air Date: 11-11-02
American Air Date: (Only Aired in Canada)

This episode is basically made to fill the plot holes that the last few episodes left behind. It takes you back to Episode 33: Crush the Virus Factory, where it shows what happend to Fireman after Rockman and the others left him behind in the sewers in Net City. It also explains from Episode 36: Turn Densan City to South Pole plan, how the creation of Heatman happened. All and all this episode is focused around Hinoken and Fireman during these events. Fireman is found by Freezeman and is near deleted, however Meijin creates a new frame for Fireman's data, and renames him Heatman.

Ryouko Note: *sniffles* Fireman....*beats Freezeman with a mighty stick* This is one of my most favourite episodes....lots of emotional spots in this one. Hinoken fans will be very pleased.

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