Strangely Strong! Cutman Brothers!
(The Cutman Brothers!)

Japanese Air Date: 11-25-02
American Air Date: (Only Aired in Canada)

The children of the Cutman family are watching Grandpa Cutman play out the scene of Cutman and Rockman's battle from the previous episode. The Cutman children are dismayed when the "evil and ruthless" Rockman destroys their beloved brother! All 5 of these very strange kids decide then and there to avenge their fallen brother and destroy Rockman themselves!

Meanwhile, Netto tells everyone that tomorrow they will go to Ku-Chinatown to have the very special Space Steamed Meatbuns! They all agree to leave at 6:30am so that they can get some before they sell out. However Netto's alarm does not go off, and he's late! Netto plugs Rockman into a phone booth so he can go tell Roll that Netto is on his way.

As soon as Rockman plugs in, the Cutman brothers go into action by sending Rockman to a fake Net-Chinatown! Having snared Rockman in their trap, they begin an all-out attack against their foe and cut off Rockman's communication with Netto. Can Rockman survive without Netto's help?!

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