Pretty Pretty Princess
(Guess Who's Coming to NetBattle?)

Japanese Air Date: 12-2-02
American Air Date: 12-2-04

Everyone is enjoying a day of Net Battling at the local game center! Dekao and Gutsman are soon dismayed when a newcomer defeats them quite easily. When it's Netto's turn to battle the blond guy and his navi Knightman, the newcomer suddenly flees! Netto, who is enraged at not being given the chance to battle, follows him only to find out that the stranger is being pursued by very suspicious people. Netto decides to help him out, and they both manage to escape.

Netto soon learns that the stranger's name is 'Poipu', and is visiting from Creamland. Poipu promises Netto that if he shows him around Japan, then he will Net Battle at the end of the day. Netto of course, gladly accepts.

Little does 'Poipu' know, Freezeman has sent Shadowman out to delete the new "Anti-Virus Program", which is being harbored inside of Knightman. And who is 'Poipu' exactly? We learn yet again that Netto is very, very extremely dense...(it takes him over half the episode to realize that 'Poipu' is in fact.....a girl.)

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