Count to 3
(Count to Three)

Japanese Air Date: 3-25-02
American Air Date: 6-7-03

Character Introductions: Higure Yamitaro, Numberman.exe

Netto and his classmates get a substitute teacher today by the name of Higure Yamitaro. Higure is rare battle chip otaku and goes nuts at the mere mention at them. After School, Yaito invites Netto and the others to her clubhouse which is just simply amazing! Yaito also displays her rare chip collection and uses them on Netto and Dekao in a test Net Battle.

Higure gets word of her rare chips, and the next day traps Yaito, Dekao, Mariko-sensei and Meiru in the classroom! He challenges Yaito to a netbattle for her rare chips! Netto, late for class as usual realizes the door is locked and his friends are trapped! Can he and Rockman get in and stop Higure and his navi, Numberman from taking Yaito's chips?

Ryouko's note: Originally in the games, Higure actually worked for the World 3, and attempted to brainwash all of the children at the school. In the anime however, Higure very directly says that he has absolutely nothing to do with the World 3. He's just a chip otaku. ^_^;

Edits in the English Version:

Yaito's "Dream Aura" battle chip is changed to "Life Aura"

Yaito's "Paladin Sword" battle chip is changed to "Hero Sword" (they're referring to the chip names from the BN games, instead of the anime for some reason.)

Higure no longer has a distinct dialect (like saying "-demasu" after every sentance, as in the original)

Rockman pointing his buster at the screen when trying to break the barrier around Glyde & Numberman is cut out (it seems Rockman pointing his buster to the audience = bad?)

Numberman's second round of attacks on Glyde is completely cut.

Again, Rockman pointing his buster at the screen while protecting Roll while she searches for the password hints is cut out. Footage from episode 2 is instead put in as a replacement.

The first password hint "H A T O" (pigeons) is changed to "D O V E"

Roll entering "H A T O 34" with her anttennas when they find the password is cut out.

Third password "H A N A" is changed to "F L O W E R S"

Roll entering "H A N A 665" with her anttennas when they find the third password, and the barrier wall dissolving is cut out.

Extra pixelation is added to Glyde when he is danger of being deleted.

The Japanese text from Higure's Rare Chip Shop sign is removed.

When Netto arrives at school the next morning, Sunday is changed to Saturday instead (Japanese kids have school Monday through Saturday)

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P