I'll Battle You!
(Chess Mess!)

Japanese Air Date: 12-9-02
American Air Date: 12-7-04

Character Introductions: Aragoma Torakichi, Kingman.exe

Netto and his friends are visiting Masa-san's new Takoyaki (a Japanese octopus snack) stand! It seems that Masa has found a new way to promote calcium. Everyone is enjoying Masa's new flavour, everyone except Netto that is, for his takoyaki has been stolen! Netto finds out that a newcomer by the name of Aragoma Torakichi swiped his snack, who then begins to complain about Masa's cooking!

In the midst of their argument over Masa's takoyaki, 3 strange guys come up and challange Torakichi to a Chess Netbattle. Amazingly, all 3 of them are wiped out in the first attack by Torakichi's net navi Kingman! Torakichi loudly complains that there's no one strong enough to battle anymore, which of course catches Netto's attention. Torakichi challanges Netto to a Chess Netbattle, only with one catch. Whomever loses, has to give their Net Navi to the winner! Is Netto confident enough in his skills in order to put his precious Rockman on the line?

Ryouko's Note: In this episode, Rockman merges with Roll when he turns Elec-Brother. Interestingly enough, the symbol on his chest changes to her symbol. ^_^; This never happens whenever he merges with any other navi!

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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