The Good Dog, Rush!
(The Incredible Rush!)

Japanese Air Date: 12-16-02
American Air Date: 12-8-04

During the night, a virus is stolen from the labs, baffling scientists. The next day, Meiru and Netto are shocked to find out that their precious Net Navis have all been transformed into cats! Not only Roll and Rockman, but Gutsman, Iceman and Glyde as well! Could this be the result of the stolen virus?

Netto's father Yuuichiri Hikari returns to help solve the mysterious problem. He confirms that the new "neko" (cat) virus has infected all Net Navis, and if they don't capture and contain the virus quick, the transformation will be permanant!

Ryouko's note: This is a very...strange episode. But one of my favourites! All of the neko-net navi's say "-nya!" after every sentance, it's really cute. ^_^ Also, ever wanted to see Rush in Godzilla mode? This episode has more than a few really amusing moments.

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