Gospel, A Change of Life!
(Working for Grave)

Japanese Air Date: 12-23-02
American Air Date: 7-10-04

Madoi reflects upon her life as a member of the now-extinct World 3, and feels a pang of lonliness and desperation. However a mysterious stranger sends her a note, "If you come with me, you will shine once more." -signed, Gospel!

Meanwhile, Commander Beef and his Net Agents have caught wind of a magnificant party being held by one of the leaders of Gospel. He asks Yaito's help to gain an invitation, since anyone with a large amount of money can get in. There's only one catch to to the party, you have to go in costume!

Netto and his friends, along with the Net Agents arrive at the party with no problem whatsoever. Sporting outfits that resemble the entire cast of Saiyuki, they get right down to business in tracking down Gospel! However things seem to be too easy when they reach the secret layer all too quickly...

Ryouko's note: This is a great episode that gives the World 3 cast more character depth, especially Madoi. We also learn that Wily-sama has a very scary fanboy.....or should I say fangirl. XD *coughcough*

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