Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Japanese Air Date: 12-30-02
American Air Date: skipped in airing

Character Introductions: Hoshima Kyuuta, Leagueman

Netto and his classmates get a surprise as they have a new classmate by the name of Kyuuta Hoshida, who happens to be the son of a famous baseball player who recentely moved to Akihara after a trade. However, it's rough for Kyuuta as he hates moving around city to city, unable to make actual friends. It's time to cheer Kyuuta up as Netto and his friends team up and show that he's welcome in his new city, by playing a game of Net Baseball! It's Akihara Elementary V.S. Kyuuta and his friends from his old city via PET link! "Batters up Rokku-Man!"

Ryouko's Note: Skullman playing baseball = HILARIOUS. It may sound like a corny episode, but I enjoyed this one very much. ^_^ and I don't even like baseball!

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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