Knightman's Betrayal!
(Knightman's Betrayal!)

Japanese Air Date: 1-6-03
American Air Date: 7-3-04

Character Introductions: Napalmman

Princess Pride sends a plea of help out to Netto when Knightman goes rabid and begins destroying Creamland's network! So Netto and all his cohorts fly off to visit the small island country of Creamland, and aprehend the destructive Knightman just in time. Princess Pride's new Navi helper, Napalmman, offers to watch over the network while Knightman is under observation, and Rockman offers to lend his aid as well.

Soon after things begin to go awry again as the usually very pleasant and gentleman-like Navi Glyde goes on a rampage, just like Knightman! What's causing all of these normally good-hearted Navis to go berserk?! Princess Pride reveals that an enemy country named Darkland is using an army of Navis to take over territory by force. Is her dear Creamland their next target?

Ryouko's Note: Meiru constantly becomes furious when Princess Pride hugs Netto or shows any kind of affection for him. ^_^ So very funny! This episode is also the first time in which Shuryou is called by his name, revealing Gospel's leader at last.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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