Lets Go to the Moon!
(To the Moon!)

Japanese Air Date: 1-13-03
American Air Date: 6-12-04

Character Introductions: Planetman

The control system on the Moon Base has gone offline, and no one can figure out why! So it's up to Commander Beef to head into space to see what's the problem. As soon as he arrives however, he's shoved outside of the base by an out of control robot, with only a short amount of air left in his tank!

Meanwhile, Netto and co. are searching the net with their net navis, to find information about a new mystery called the "Extra Code". While streaming through the data, they stumble upon an image of Commander Beef in trouble on the Moon Base! Netto recieves a message from Meijin Eguchi, saying he will help them get into the Space Commander Center so they can help save their Net Agent friend.

When Rockman is sent to the Moon Base's system, his communication with Netto becomes severely lagged due to the extreme distance between them. Will they be able to defeat the extremely powerful Planetman, who has hacked his way into the network, and rescue Commander Beef in time?!

Ryouko's Note: Rockman's Aqua Custom style change is introduced in this episode, along with two new Program Advances. It also shows that Aqua Custom is the most powerful style change by far, especially when combined with an "Extra Code".

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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