Dr. Wily's Inheritance!
(Mr. Wily's Legacy)

Japanese Air Date: 1-20-03
American Air Date: 7-17-04

The former members of the World 3 are pondering the utter failure of their organization, when their PETs suddenly begin to act strangely! To their surprise, Dr. Wily's face soon shows up on their screens. It seems Dr. Wily left them a will, in case anything would ever happen to him!

Dr. Wily mentions that in the chance that he would ever perish, he left a security behind to make sure that his genious would not be forgotten. So he implemented all of his intelligence into a single chip, and hid it on a faraway island! Using this chip, Hinoken, Elec Hakushaku, Madoi and Mahajarama can bring back the World 3 to full force!

Rush, being slightly angered at having been ignored in Mahajarama's curry shop, overhears Wily's speech, and quickly escapes to tell Netto and co.! They all decide to follow the World 3 to the island, and to steal the chip for themselves so that Wily's organization can be put to rest at last. Unfortunately, Gauss also finds out about the chip, and heads to the island as well. When all 3 groups clash together, who knows what will happen! It's the fight for Dr. Wily's Inheritence!

Ryouko's Note: In this episode, it is officially announced that Elec Hakushaku is the younger brother of Gauss Magnets. A classic showdown between their navis, Magnetman and Elecman, is a battle not to be missed!

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