Net Mobile Grand Prix!
(The Net Mobile Grand Prix!)

Japanese Air Date: 1-27-03
American Air Date: 6-19-04

Yaito's company Gabcom is revealing a new feature exclusively made for Net Navis: Net Mobiles! They've decided to hold a Grand Prix race to show off their new products, and Yaito invites all of her friends to enter!

Of course, the World 3 members butt in, demanding a chance to revive their organization by winning the race. Enzan also makes his presense known by entering Blues, who will be driving IPC's new race bike! But what is an anime race without a few mishaps along the way? The Cutman Brothers return to try yet another attempt of revenge on Rockman. It's an all out battle of survival!

With the ultimate prize being a kiss from Aki-chan, Gutsman, Iceman and Glyde are determined to win. Rockman sets out just to beat Blues, and Blues vice verse, while Roll just wants to beat Rockman so he won't get a kiss from Aki-chan! The World 3 are also determined to prove that they're still not out of the game, while the Net Agents enter to stop the World 3! This is bound to be one crazy race, and it doesn't dissappoint!

Ryouko's Note: Funniest. Episode. Ever! The World 3 cram all of their navis onto a TRAIN. XD Blues also gets to show off his non-serious side for once, especially towards the end of the race. This episode is a MUST see, everyone's favourite navis are here!

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