The Cybernetic Monster!
(The Virus Beast!)

Japanese Air Date: 2-3-03
American Air Date: 7-24-04

Character Introductions: Gospel (the giant dog)

Strange things are brewing around the net, as whispers are being heard of navis myteriously dissappearing around the world. Gospel has begun its final operation! Miyuki's crystal ball fortells a terrible fate awaiting Netto and his friends sometime in the very near future.

Meanwhile, Netto and Rockman head to the Net Colosseum for some Net Battling practice. Thunderman and Raoul return to challange the two to a rematch, which they gladly accept. After a fierce and honorable battle, Thunderman reveals that one of his closest friends has vanished without a trace. There's a sense of unease among everyone as they ponder the cause of this growing mystery.

Suddenly, a large beast barges in on the colosseum! Immediatly panic breaks out as the monster devours the current battle opponents, Whaleman and Shiningman! Blues arrives to join Rockman as he tries to take down the intruder, but both are easily cast aside by the beast's immense power. When Thunderman is defeated and devoured (thus resulting in deletion), Netto and Enzan experience first-hand the feeling of being helpless!

Ryouko's Note: The first half of this episode is very comical, while the second half nails it down to being very serious. This begins the final stretch for the Gospel Saga! Ohoho, and Forte returns in this episode as well...

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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