Japanese Air Date: 2-10-03
American Air Date: 7-31-04

The following summary leaves nothing out, so please beware of spoilers!

Enzan's company is slowly deteriorating, thanks to the giant monster known as Gospel, who is slowly destroying the world's networks. IPC's branch in Amerope has suffered the hardest hit, so Enzan leaves immediatly to hopefully smooth things out. Blues and Rockman meet before he departs, and spar one last battle, while respectively reminding the other to be careful.

Blues: "Time for you to grow up."
Rockman: "Of course. I won't lose next time. The game will be mine."
Blues: "Is that so?"

Meanwhile, Shuryou orders Freezeman to find Forte and delete him, in order to keep him from interrupting their plans. Rockman, Roll, Gutsman, Iceman and Glyde split up in Net City to look for Gospel. Rockman follows his "instincts" and veers off on his own, where he ends up finding Forte alone. Before he can ask who he is, Freezeman intervenes and attacks Forte immediatly. Before he can get very far however, Heatman appears to take his revenge! With Freezeman distracted, Forte kidnaps Rockman and dissappears.

Yaito manages to track down Rockman's location, and Netto is startled when he discovers he's trapped behind a firewall in the World 3's server! Travelling via helicopter, they pick up the former World 3 members and make haste to Wily's old base, which is in complete ruin due to the dissaster with Pharoahman. Inside of the abandoned Wily base, Madoi finds a computer which is still functionable. After turning it on, Netto and his friends, along with Madoi, Elec Hakushaku and Mahajarama, plug into the World 3's network.

Meanwhile, Forte silentely stands over Rockman, who is sound asleep. Placing a hand to Rockman's forehead, he begins reading all of Rockman's memories. Finishing where Blues and Rockman nearly destory Pharoahman with the double Program Advance from episode 25, Forte is interrupted when Rockman's friends arrive to take him back. Forte simply stares at them, then announces "I....I....have awakened." He then dissappears, leaving Rockman safely behind.

As Enzan arrives in Amerope, he sends Blues into the Net City to clear out the disturbances. Soon enough, Blues comes face to face with Gospel himself, and even a program advance is not enough to even scratch the beast. In the midst of fleeing, Blues spots a young child navi in trouble, and diverts his path to save her. Unfortunately, this opens up a prime chance for Gospel, who quickly snatches up Blues and devours him completely, resulting in deletion. Rockman suddenly snaps out of slumber, calling out Blues' name, sensing that something terrible has happened.

Back at Gospel's base, Shuryou glorifies the immense power that is the monster Gospel. However something's not right, as his voice suddenly turns very strange. A hand pulls Shuryou's hair wig from his head, revealing him to be nothing more than a robot! Shuryou is absolutely stunned to learn that he was nothing more than a pawn to be used, by none other than Wily himself! The old man returns, confined to a wheelchair, but still as evil as ever!

Ryouko's Note: Blues' deletion scene is so very emotional...you can tell by this point that Enzan truely cares for his Navi. This episode also reveals who Shuryou *really* is, which veered off completely from the storyline of the games, where Shuryou was actually a little kid called Shun (Sean). More than just a few fans were very dissappointed to see Shun-chan discluded, including myself.

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